From the first weekend in September through October, you are likely to find bars, breweries and, in one special case, a church, throwing an Oktoberfest celebration of one kind or another every weekend.

When you roll up to the large, gray house at 1013 Duke Avenue in North Columbia — the one with the weathered concrete steps and big, inviting screened-in porch — you’d be forgiven for not immediately recognizing it as the nerve center for one of the most respected film festivals in the South.

Ever with his foot on the gas, the third-term mayor peddles heavily in big ideas and bold proclamations.

It’s been almost six months since South Carolina utilities pulled the plug on an ambitious p…

SUSTO, which has been steadily ascending since releasing its first collection of vividly dark and insightful tunes back in 2014, has reached a new level since the January release of the sophomore album & I’m Fine Today.