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What the Fox Says at Motor Supply

By Tug Baker
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 |
Photo by Tug Baker
what: What the Fox Says
where: Motor Supply Co. Bistro
cost: $11

When Josh Streetman told me that he thought What The Fox Says was his favorite drink on his Harvest Week menu, I knew it was going to be good. Great bartenders tend to love drinks that surprise and challenge you, so I knew to expect something unique. The drink revolves around Ilegal Mezcal, a smoked tequila. The earthy, wood-smoke flavor goes great with the almond syrup, of course, but astonishingly well with the clean tartness of Giffard’s Pamplemousse, a pink grapefruit liqueur that I had never heard of but will be keeping in my summer bar stock from now on. The drink is topped with a bourbon-pickled pepper from Streetman’s own garden and a red wine vinegar-pickled strawberry from Lever Farms. For an all-expenses-paid trip around the taste receptors of your tongue, take a tiny (they are hot!) bite of the pepper, smooth the burn with a sip of the smoky, opaque cocktail, noting the creamy grapefruit flavor, and then finish with a sweet, tart bite of strawberry. It’s a complex drink where you notice something different with every lift of the glass. Just like in the song, this fox has a lot of different things to say, and they will all get stuck in your head for days.

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