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Twisted Lemon Wheat

By Tug Baker
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 |
Photo by Tug Baker
what: Twisted Lemon Wheat
where: River Rat Brewery, 1231 Shop Road
cost: $5

It had been awhile since I checked in with the Rats down at River Rat Brewery, so this past Saturday with its gorgeous weather seemed like a perfect time to check out all the recent improvements, including a covered deck and green outdoor seating area complete with River Rat cornhole. I also got a taste of the brewery’s brand new brew, the Twisted Lemon Wheat. This hefeweizen packs a lot of great lemon flavor with a crisp, clean finish, but where it truly shines is in the radler version also on offer at the Rat Cave. A radler is a beer cocktail consisting of beer and a citrus-y soda or lemonade. River Rat brewmaster Drew Walker explained to me that the word “radler” is actually German for “cyclist” after the athletic types who made the thirst-quenching mixture popular in the early 20th century. The Twisted Lemon Wheat makes a perfect candidate for a radler mix, dropping its already sessionable 5.2 percent ABV down even more, making it a perfectly refreshing addition to a warm Columbia day at the brewery. The extra sweetness is just enough to give the illusion of drinking “beer lemonade” while still letting the wheat and lemon shine through. Check for tasting hours and plan a relaxing afternoon for yourself.

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