There’s Still Time to Hit Greenville

Plus: Ladies Like Beer

By Tug Baker
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First off, I must offer a big mea culpa for last week’s column, as I mistakenly reported that Thomas Creek Brewery’s Sweet 16 Anniversary Party was last Saturday. It is in fact this Saturday, June 28. So if you were excited about the event last week when I mentioned it but had Saturday plans, then rejoice — you now have an opportunity to head to Greenville and enjoy 16 different beers from the elder statesman brewery of South Carolina. If you drove all the way to Greenville only to find no such event last weekend, then I’m sorry. I’m sure you still had a couple beers at Thomas Creek’s terrific new taproom, and maybe even followed it up with trips to Brewery 85, Swamp Rabbit and Quest — oh my! That still sounds like a pretty great day to me, so I’m not that sorry.

Ladies Like Beer
If you’re a lady who likes beer and you’re reading this on Wednesday, June 25, head on over to Speakeasy at 7 p.m. for the latest meeting of the Columbia chapter of Girls Pint Out. Tonight’s meeting will feature a round table discussion about all things craft beer, and with all the new breweries popping up here in South Carolina and everywhere else, there’s certainly a lot to talk about.

Invent Your Own Conquest Beer
Speaking of great local craft beer (as we do often here), Columbia’s Conquest Brewing is well known for coming up with really imaginative one-off beers by taking its already great brews and using either keg treatments, casks or Randalls (a post-tap filter used to impart extra flavors to a beer) to add a little something special to them. Now the Conquestadors are giving you the chance to come up with your own craft brew concoction. They are currently accepting ideas on their Facebook page and will pick out a suggestion every week for their upcoming Singularis Series. A new Singularis beer will be featured at Conquest’s taproom every week for one keg only. Each week, the winner of the contest will be featured on Conquest’s Facebook page and can get a pint of the winning creation for free. So get those ideas going! Does my mentioning here that I think Conquest’s Sevens Seas pale ale Randalled with tomatoes, cucumber and basil would be good stuff count as an entry?

Party Early at Art Bar
Finally, I don’t think I’ve had a chance to mention it here yet, but Art Bar now has Happy Hour! I used to think it was strange being in Art Bar any time before 10 p.m., but with $3 pints and $3 house liquor (plus 25 percent off everything else) and the new and improved outdoor beer garden, I can definitely see swinging by after work instead of after dinner.

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