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Swordfish with Peach and Corn Relish at Hampton Street Vineyard

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 |
Photo by Jonathan Sharpe
what: swordfish entree
cost: $24
where: Hampton Street Vineyard, 1201 Hampton St., 252-0850

This week’s Bite is a grilled swordfish steak topped with a light and summery peach and corn relish that also includes bits of pineapple and fresh parsley. The swordfish came with a lemon and spinach risotto, full of depth from the generous amount of white wine cooked into the rice. From the list of two-dozen wines by the glass, I opted for a pairing of Simi Chardonnay ($7), a Sonoma County chardonnay with bright, citrusy notes that blended seamlessly with the fruit relish atop the fish and wine-and-butter-rich lemon risotto. Hampton Street Vineyard has several sidewalk-level tables for enjoying a meal al fresco, an opportunity of which one would be wise to take advantage while the early evenings are still temperate.

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