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Sweet Potato Salad + Quail Appetizer at Motor Supply

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 |
Sweet potato salad, quail appetizer and Limited Production cocktail | Photo by Jonathan Sharpe
what: sweet potato salad + quail appetizer
cost: $9 + $11
where: Motor Supply Company Bistro, 920 Gervais St., 256-6687

This week’s Bite is a mixed green salad topped with savory, winter-spiced sweet potatoes, walnuts, deep garnet-colored microgreens (amaranth, I think) and grape tomatoes in a shallot vinaigrette. Along with the seasonally appropriate salad, I had a semi-deboned Manchester Farms quail served in a tasty Calvados jus that I sopped up with bread, scarpetta style. Sticking with with the apple brandy theme of the Calvados, after dinner I had a Limited Production ($11), a tequila and Calvados cocktail with cinnamon syrup and amaretto. It’s easy to forget Motor Supply Co. opened almost 25 years ago in the Vista, when the now-vibrant business and entertainment district was just a collection of derelict warehouses. Most restaurants don’t last for two and a half decades, and if they do, it’s rare to see them updating their menu with fresh ingredients from local farms; rarer still to see them have a trendsetting cocktail program. Motor Supply is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner service, as well as Sunday brunch; and speaking of rarities in Columbia, they’re open for Sunday supper, too. Reservations recommended.

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