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Seared trout with summer vegetable panzanella at Garibaldi Cafe

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |
Photo by Jonathan Sharpe
what: seared trout with summer vegetable panzanella
cost: $28
where: Garibaldi Café, 2013 Greene St., 771-8888

Garibaldi Café chef Nathan Whatley, formerly of Anson (Garibaldi’s sister restaurant in Charleston), took over the kitchen at the Five Points institution late last year. The new menu he rolled out about a month ago features creative, attractively plated first courses like beef carpaccio with smoked olive oil, horseradish cream and lobster “cracklings” made from dehydrated tail meat ($13). This week’s Bite is pan-seared, farm-raised North Carolina trout, set on a romesco sauce with a summer vegetable panzanella salad with fresh silver queen corn, haricot verts, grape tomatoes and croutons dressed in a bacon vinaigrette. Manager Richard Mackey stopped by my seat at the bar to ask if I’d noticed anything new; to be honest, I was so rapt with the menu changes I didn’t notice the interior was no longer pink. (It’s gray with white trim now.) He also recommended I try a glass of Daou Vineyards Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon ($10), a delightfully complex, full-bodied cab.

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