New Main Street Bar Set to Open This Year

Plus: Hobbit Beer!

By Tug Baker
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It looks like Main Street’s ever-growing bar and restaurant scene will gain another member soon. According to interior designer Tim McLendon, The Reserve hopes to open its doors at the former White Mule/Jammin’ Java location on the 1500 block of Main Street by the end of the year. (Yes, that is right next door to Free Times’ office. Yes, we’re excited.) McLendon, whose other interior design work in town includes Cola’s, Garibaldi, M Vista and more, said the feel for The Reserve would be something along the lines of a “vibe-y pub with a bit of a club feel.” They plan on keeping the exposed brick that folks are sure to remember, but updating things like the concrete floor and columns that kept me from a decent view at many a show at the old White Mule. As for music, McLendon says that the old stage is going out, but there will be a space for live music; however, it won’t likely be a focus of the bar. Free Times will have more on this story as it gets closer to opening time, but for now, we’re just looking forward to yet another place on Main Street to get lunch, dinner or even just a drink. Seriously, we just have to walk down some stairs to get there. Color us stoked.

Hobbit Beer!

In media tie-in beer news, the folks at Fish Brewing Company in Olympia, Washington, decided not to let Game of Thrones have all the fun and have launched a series of officially licensed beers based on characters from The Hobbit films. The beers are only out on the West Coast right now, but with such a huge audience for this, I would expect they are at least looking at expanding distribution across the U.S., likely before the final film comes out in December. The three launch beers in the series are available only in 22-ounce bottles. There’s Smaug Stout, a Russian imperial stout with habanero chilis, because hey, dragon breath. Best name and description goes to Gollum Precious Pils, an imperial pils “with flavors as smooth and crafty as Gollum himself.” And finally there’s Bolg Belgian Tripel, which seems like an odd choice of a character to highlight. I’ve read that book multiple times and seen those movies, and I still had to look up who Bolg was. He’s the Orc chieftain with the one hand who I only really remember as the guy who (spoiler alert for a 77-year-old book and maybe a movie that hasn’t come out yet) gets wrecked by a frickin’ were-bear. Beorn, man. Where’s the beer inspired by that dude?

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