Kuentz-Bas ’12 Alsace

By Richard Fadeley
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

what: Kuentz-Bas ’12 Alsace
ABV: 12.5 percent
cost: $12.99
where: Morganelli’s; also currently available by the glass at several local restaurants

Alsace is an often-overlooked region in the wine world, but one that you will never forget once you’ve tried its wines. In this northeastern region of France, they produce wine from mainly six white grapes — riesling, pinot gris, pinot blanc, sylvaner, gewürztraminer and muscat — and a little pinot noir, too. The results are food-friendly wines with a little different twist. They pair well with Asian cuisine, sushi and seafood, and are nice with a petit muenster or a good chevre as an aperitif. Alsace is the only French region allowed to put the grape’s name on the label (though that is being relaxed somewhat).

This Alsace from Kuentz-Bas is a blend of 60 percent sylvaner, 20 percent muscat and 20 percent auxerrois and will show you a clean, crisp, off-dry wine with great potential as a conversation starter. It is different, and you’ve probably never had a wine quite like this, but by the time you finish the glass you will be a fan. A classic wine to welcome spring. Serve chilled, and enjoy.

Appearance: Pale straw with brilliant gold highlights.

Nose: Gunflint, bright citrus and wet stones.

Taste: Crisp acidity, good minerality and a long finish.

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