Crawfish Cakes at Mr. Friendly’s

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
mr friendlys columbia sc crawfish cakes

what: crawfish cakes
cost: $11
where: Mr. Friendly’s, 2001-A Greene St., 254-7828

This week’s Bite is a mix of Creole and Cajun cooking styles from Mr. Friendly’s Mardi Gras-themed lunch specials menu on Monday: two crawfish cakes topped with a grilled corn maque choux and Creole mustard remoulade, and served with creamy grits and a choice of succotash or Creole slaw. I went with succotash and ordered a cup of slaw on the side ($2.50); both were tasty. What’s a maque choux (pronounced “mock shoe”), you ask? It’s an Acadian French (Cajun) term for an accompanying dish of silky, slow-braised corn and aromatic vegetables, most likely derived from the cuisine of the Gulf Coast’s indigenous people. In the spirit of the indulgent holiday, I sipped on a Myers’s rum hurricane (pictured above, $5) from their drink specials list, which also featured some beers from Abita Brewing Company. Fat Tuesday may be over, but there’s never a bad time for the kind of New Orleans-influenced food you’ll find at Mr. Friendly’s. The only thing you have to flash is your wallet.

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