Country Fried Duck Breast at Saluda’s

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

what: Country Fried Duck Breast
cost: $26
where: Saluda’s, 751 Saluda Ave., 799-9500

Country fried duck breast: sounds like a simple comfort food meal, right? The name belies the actual amount of time and effort put into the dish, though. The duck is vacuum sealed with olive oil, thyme and garlic before taking a one-hour sous vide bath at 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Then it’s flash-fried in a crispy batter; sliced; and topped with grape tomatoes, blue cheese slaw and City Roots microgreens. Served atop a high-end take on mac and cheese, made with al dente pearls of fregola sarda pasta in a heavy cream sauce with grana padano and pancetta lardons. (If that’s country cookin’, I want to go to that country.) I sipped on a glass of Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux ($9) while cleaning the plate. Chef Blake Faries says to be on the lookout for more Italian elements to make their way to the specials menu during the rest of this winter.

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