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Château de Maligny ’12 Petit Chablis

By Richard Fadeley
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 |
what: Château de Maligny ’12 Petit Chablis
ABV: 12.5 percent
cost: $15.99
where: Green’s

In the northern part of Burgundy, in east central France, this ’12 Maligny (a white Burgundy) does a good job of measuring up to standards. Almost as far north as Champagne, Chablis produces the world’s most austere chardonnay, with almost electric acidity, lots of minerality and no oak.

We enjoyed this wine with charcuterie, Stilton cheese, olives and hummus, but it would work perfectly with homemade crab cakes, baked cod or shellfish. This is a commendable effort from the Durup family (the largest estate in Chablis) and should drink well for two to three years, but it is delicious now. No decant required; serve with a good chill (50 degrees F). If you are a chardonnay lover, don’t miss this.

Appearance: Pale straw with brilliant gold highlights.

Nose: Gun flint, bright citrus and wet stones.

Taste: Crisp acidity, good minerality and a long finish.

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