Brisket Sandwich at Midlands’ Modern Southern Food Arts

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Photo by Jonathan Sharpe

what: Brisket Sandwich
cost: $7
where: Midlands’ Modern Southern Food Arts at the Marriott, 1200 Hampton St., 771-7000

Last Saturday, while checking out the 100th iteration of Soda City Market on Main Street, I smelled smoke. Beef smoke. Following the cloud of meaty smells brought me to a place that took me by surprise, I admit: the patio in front of the Marriott. There chef Greg Davis of Midlands’ Modern Southern Food Arts (the Marriott’s lengthily named hotel restaurant) was serving brisket sandwiches and burgers from a smoker and a grill while Rocks, the hotel bar, was serving beer and cocktails from a cart on the patio. Chef Davis says he smokes the spice-rubbed brisket for 14 hours at 180 degrees — “No more, no less,” he says, for it to be tender and moist. The sandwich, served on a potato flour bun with mayo and crispy straw onions, has been a menu special for a couple of weeks at Midlands’, but the management may put it on the regular menu soon. I washed it down with a Charleston Bold & Spicy bloody mary for $5. — Jonathan Sharpe

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