Whole Yellow Croaker and Sundubu Stew Combo

By Jonathan Sharpe
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
korea garden columbia sc
Whole yellow croaker and sundubu stew combo at Korea Garden. Photo by Jonathan Sharpe

what: whole yellow croaker & sundubu stew combo
cost: $15.99 (dinner)
where: Korea Garden, 2318 Decker Blvd, 760-3888

A few months ago, the former owners of DJ House opened a new Korean restaurant in the Food Lion shopping center on Decker Boulevard. Much of the menu will seem familiar to fans of their previous restaurant, which is why this week’s Bite isn’t bi bim bap or bulgogi, but rather something I’ve never tried in a Korean restaurant: whole yellow croaker and sundubu, a spicy seafood stew filled with lots of soft tofu and an egg, which soft boils in the screaming hot stone bowl in which it’s served. The yellow croaker is pan fried in enough oil and seasoning to crisp up the skin and make it delicious to eat whole. (As you may have learned in September’s Tug Eats Everything, when eating whole fish, use your chopsticks to pull the meat down and away from the top of the fish, and avoid the internal organs unless you like super bitter flavors.) Comes with steamed rice and a small house salad topped with thousand island dressing, which may seem out of place on a Korean menu, but you can make it interesting by combining bites of salad with some of the ten kinds of delicious housemade banchan, including eggplant, potato, and multiple kinds of seaweed, sprouts and kimchi. — Jonathan Sharpe

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