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Wiggin’ Out in Elgin

Plus: Not Without My iPhone

By Preach Jacobs
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wiggin’ Out: Three women were recorded on surveillance cameras at a hair shop in Elgin stuffing $90 wigs into their purses before exiting the store. Cops are looking for them, but they probably have ridiculously different hairdos from the time they were caught on camera. Good luck with that. By the way, wigs cost $90?

How Much Does Your iPhone Mean to You?: Two men approached a man and woman in the north Columbia area and demanded their belongings. The man gave the armed suspects his phone and his wallet, but the woman refused to give up her phone. One of the suspects fired a shot at the ground before fleeing. No arrests have been made. To the lady who didn’t give up her phone — it worked out OK for you this time, but is it really worth risking your life on behalf of your iPhone?

Breach of Trust: Two men approached an elderly couple’s home and presented themselves as utility company employees. The men told the homeowners they needed to check out their wall sockets. (That’s a pretty lame cover story.) While one man spoke to the homeowners, the other moved through the house stealing money and jewelry. This should serve as a reminder: Anytime you’re expecting someone from a utility company or a cable company, it’s probably not real unless they show up late and with a bad attitude.

Trapped in the Stall: In case you need another reason not to go to a fast-food joint, someone robbed a customer at a restaurant in Camden when the victim had his pants down … literally. The suspect entered the restroom of a fast food restaurant and demanded that a person in a stall give up his valuables. The victim gave the suspect the $20 in his pocket and a cell phone but didn’t give up his car keys, inciting an argument. The suspect then fled the scene in a black pickup truck.

Paper, Plastic — or Phone?: A woman was waiting in line at a grocery store in northeast Columbia. Once the woman left with her groceries, the man behind her realized she’d left her cell phone. Too bad this story doesn’t end with the man yelling, “Miss! Your phone!” Nope: He just put it in his pocket like nothing happened. No arrests have been made, but those little trackers on phones are stubborn things.

Lucky Seven: South Carolina folks aren’t just celebrating the No. 1 NFL pick of Jadeveon Clowney; authorities in Lugoff are “celebrating” their seventh meth lab bust of the year. This time, the lucky winners are three suspects, ages 34, 35 and 42. The suspects were discovered after a tip alerted authorities to suspicious activity in the area — which is how it always happens, because meth labs give off a distinctive odor ... why do you think Walter and Jesse cooked out in the middle of nowhere?

Tip of the Week: If you’re going to drive around with drugs in your car, you might want to make sure that your license plate is up to date. Cops attempted to pull a guy over for expired tags. Instead of stopping, the guy tried to get away. You know how this ends: The suspect eventually gave up and was arrested on both drug and traffic charges.

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