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Suspicious Package

Plus: Another Week, Another Meth Lab

By Preach Jacobs
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This information comes from local police reports. It does not mean anyone is guilty. This is not a court of law.

Suspicious Package: Authorities shut down two streets in downtown Columbia after someone reported seeing a suspicious package near a trashcan. The Columbia Fire Department and a bomb squad checked out the package, only to find that it wasn’t anything threatening; it was just a sleeping bag. No arrests were made and no naps were taken.

Another Week, Another Meth Lab: A 35-year-old man and two 41-year-old men were arrested in a home in Lexington after authorities found a meth lab in the home. There’s a twist with how they were busted, though. Often, this type of case starts with someone reporting suspicious activity or a strange smell. This time, the guys were caught when cops showed up to present a warrant for one of the suspects who missed a court date for an unrelated case. The suspects were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth; they also face charges related to having lots of other illegal drugs and prescription Xanax on the scene. These guys must know how to party.

Check It Out: Someone broke into an SUV, stole some checks they found and used them at a grocery store. (This caper raises so many questions, starting with: “Who uses checks anymore?”) The checks were used in the northeast Columbia area, and one suspect was recorded on a store camera. No arrests have been made but the cops are checking it out. (Sorry.)

Deals on Wheels: A 30-year-old woman was arrested in Lexington and charged with running a mobile meth lab. (They seem to be popping up everywhere.) Cops were tipped off about a suspicious vehicle, and when they showed up, the woman was just chilling in the passenger seat. Cops found all of the ingredients for meth production in the back of the car. The woman was arrested and might have learned the most important lesson about how to run a mobile meth lab: be mobile.

Stolen Merch: A 25-year-old man and a 23-year-old man were arrested after stealing more than $8,000 worth of merchandise from a department store over the course of three separate trips. (If they’d kept it at one or two, they might have gotten off scot-free.) Advice to the department store: You had two dudes get away with eight grand worth of clothing; you might need to give them a job in loss prevention. Hey, Vegas hires schemers to find other schemers, and the U.S. government hires hackers to bust hackers. Just saying.

Tip of the Week: If you’re going to commit a crime, you might not want to lead the cops straight to your door. Two teens attempted to break into cars in the Irmo area. When a homeowner heard some noise near his car, he went outside and followed the footsteps in the fresh snow. They led to the location of two suspects. Authorities believe that others involved got away. They should treat them like Bigfoot and investigate the footprints.

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