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She Should Have Been Fired

Plus: The S.C. State Abomination

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I have the hives — h-i-v-e-s — and I don’t know why. Three doctors, total sum $1,000. Final result: I’ve got the hives. Don’t know why. Control the itch. It’ll go away on its own. What is wrong with this picture?

Hey, Mayor Benjamin: I believe the Charlotte mayor’s position is open. Yeah.

How does Lillian McBride still work in voter registration for Richland County when she should have been fired? What is wrong with Columbia?

This is a rant about Kevin Fisher. You say that Alex Sanders and Glenn McConnell are not qualified to be the president of a college (City Watch, “It Didn’t Start with McConnell — And Where Will It End?”). Are you qualified to be the president of a college? Are you qualified to say who’s qualified to be president of a college? Mr. Fisher, you’re so damn smart and so damn dumb. Why don’t you just let these things go? The reason those students were protesting down in Charleston was because they don’t want a conservative in there closing down their smoke shops and things like that. They’re not really concerned about education.

Intelligent? Ha! More like a narcissistic idiot who wrote about himself in the third person so he could read his name in the paper, twice (News, “Barbecue Bill Rests on Shaky History,” April 2).   

Rave for a solution to the important legislative problem of how to address Bar-B-Que as we try to claim it for the state of South Carolina (News, “Barbecue Bill Rests on Shaky History,” April 2).  Given that the Bible forbids eating, or even touching pork, why don’t we call BBQ the South Carolina State Abomination?  Or do we only use the Bible when we want to rationalize hatred of certain people or adhesion to backward points of view?

Thank god I have never been a stripper, never had any miscarriages, I only have one baby daddy and I am not [unintelligible].

Let’s get the state legislature to make these people riding these bicycles have insurance on them, because they’re all over the road. They’re going down the road the wrong way and everything. Let’s have them make the homeless people crossing the road at 4 a.m. in black clothes have some insurance, too. Get on the job. Either lock ‘em up or make ‘em have insurance.

I got something to say. Hello?

For being such a very conservative city — made up of people whose favorite part of the chicken is the right wing — I am surprised how many men I see openly wearing dresses on the street. Just drive around the city and you will see men dressed like Lady Liberty in front of tax offices as they dance and wave to people passing by — and it doesn’t bother anyone. Welcome to the 21st century Columbia.

This rant is for the hippie,  . You almost got away with it, but now the joke is on you. Ha ha.

Can WUSC DJs stop talking between songs please? I want to hear music, not your mindless rambling.

Just who exactly is James Clyburn talking to in the pictures featured in the cover article (“Jim Clyburn, Southern By the Grace of God,” April 2)? I like to think that this Thomas Hammond posed him and he is talking to nobody. Those are some wild gestures, Jim. Who knew you were so sassy?

Dude. Urban Outfitters, tone it down. My retinas would greatly appreciate it. 

Well said, sir, [with] your rant about Urban Outfitters’ blindingly dangerous display lights (Rant & Rave, March 26). What I say to whoever will listen: Put a friggin’ shade on the front, display design person. We know it blinds you, too. Thanks. Sincerely, Guy Who Might Crash Because Of Your Display Lights.

Well sir, God doesn’t have to buy groceries, pay rent and doesn’t provide you with a service (Rant & Rave, April 2). Service staff do, and [they] represent a growing segment of the labor market thanks to technology and outsourcing inspired layoffs.  Please address your tipping complaints to Herman Cain.

To the geniuses who run 102.3 FM radio: What the FOX? Where’s Weird Beard? What is up with your new alleged playlists? Not all of us baby boomers are dead yet, so leave our music alone!

Hey, Columbia used to have some pretty decent music on the radio — and it’s because of Weird Beard and Koko. I know I’m a classic rock ‘n’ roll type of guy, but without those guys ... I mean, what the hell is going on? This city just took a nosedive, and it’s because of the radio stations. Columbia is bad enough with the a#!hole mayor and council we have. Now we don’t even have any music to listen to.

To the self proclaimed DJ at : You suck. Just because you have gear and some tunes doesn’t make you a DJ. You can’t blend or beat match to save your life. Also, who the f#!k mashes up “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” with “Wonderwall”?

Hey man, I gave up cleaning out my lint trap for Lent, and my f#!king trailer burned down.

What’s on my mind is about these uneducated schools and these uneducated teachers. They don’t teach the kids at the school; they harass the kids. They’re ignorant, they’re trifling and they need to go home. Yeah, that’s what I say.

Nikki Haley. Ridiculous. She can easily take the money for Medicaid. But she won’t do it. What is so complicated about something so simple? Maybe she’s just simple. Maybe she needs to be more complicated.

This is a rave. I just wanted to say, I love you, Kim .

Hi, we’ve considered your position — but we’re still going to work on reducing corruption and mediocrity and improving conditions and quality of life for our city and state and its citizens. If you don’t like that, maybe you should move.

Why don’t the Columbia Housing Authority protect the people that come there? They help you, and then they act like they don’t have to help you. I have a landlord right now who won’t pay me my deposit. This landlord is preying on single mothers. They act like they don’t know what’s going on and they don’t want to get involved. Something needs to be done.

Yes, good morning. How do you spell “tea party” backwards? Against everything. Also defines the Haley administration. Obstructionism is their code and the creed they live by. They’re against everything that helps the elderly, the crippled and the sick. The empress has no clothes.

Who cares who Lee Bright is?

My niece went to the Carolina Cup race in Camden. She says she didn’t see any horses. Yeah.

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