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Producing Beautiful Children

Plus: People Helping People

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Someone told me the other day that Benjamin Franklin was not a president of the United States. Well, he should have been. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have the 100-dollar bill and we wouldn’t have all those rappers singing about the Benjamins.

If Mayor Benjamin wants a minor league baseball park, he needs to build it himself.

Sorry, Ben Tillman (Cover, “Take Tillman Down,” March 5): There are many, many interracial couples today, and they are producing beautiful children. That’s it.

This is a rant about the state of driving-law enforcement in South Carolina. The only way to actually have someone who has drunk-driving convictions taken off the road is [if they] kill somebody. This is a pathetic state of affairs. The bonds are going on and on, and the drivers are out there killing kids.

I have an idea: Whenever someone is charged with driving under the influence, put ‘em in jail. Yeah.

It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven. There should be no children in this world going to bed hungry.

This is for all the walk-on-water people out there that have a problem with Frank Martin’s mistake. He’s got a passion for his players, the game and the fans. He made his mistake and served his suspension. The players back him. All who have not made a mistake, you will be permitted to go to the front of the line for the coaching job.

To the person who was writing about Mr. Moredock not liking Mary Simms Oliphant’s book (Rant & Rave, March 12): I’m a native South Carolinian, and I agree with everything he said. I’m a little tired of folks saying “you gotta go back up North” when you were born here and disagree. That’s all I gotta say.

To the ranter in the March 12 edition regarding seeing half-naked female in pursuit of life-changing horoscope readings: How much did you spend on that copy of “Free” Times? Exactly: Nothing, numbnuts. It’s called advertising and it’s what afforded you the opportunity for your stupid rant in the first place. If a woman in lingerie on a page of something you’re reading while in public makes you feel uncomfortable, you know what? Just do us all a favor and stay home.

I’m giving up dieting for Lent.

Here’s a rant to the guys that holler “dayum girl,” or make some kind of sexual reference towards me as I walk by. OK, so as flattered as I may be, ask yourselves this: Has that every really worked for you? I don’t think I’ll be stopping in my tracks to give you my number anytime soon. Better luck next time. 

To the person who side-swiped my car on Main Street, cutting an un-repairable gash in my tire and driving off without saying a word: You are forgiven, but karma might get you. To Charles and Willie, the un-housed residents of downtown, who graciously came to my rescue and changed my tire: Thank you for your kindness and entertaining conversation. Bless you.

Major props to the people on the sidewalk who helped a girl push her car up Assembly Street after it died in the intersection. It’s nice to see people helping people out! 

Hooray for diversity at the St. Pat’s celebration in Five Points! In addition to the usual country and beach music stages, we’ll also have electronic dance music and hip-hop artists perform. It’s a good fit — much like booking a bluegrass group at a reggae festival. Let me really step outside the box and suggest something kooky, something I’ve never seen at the Five Points St. Pat’s shindig: A stage dedicated to traditional Irish and Celtic rock music. Boom! Mind blown, right? 

To the person who called the policemen dogs and rats and roaches : You should think twice about that. They have dedicated their lives to saving people. And homelessness has become a career. No one’s homeless for 10, 20 years. Homelessness has very good benefits. So leave the policemen alone.

What’s on my mind is how you cops are arresting black people because of marijuana. Most of them are fat, and they need to lose some weight. How you gonna put someone behind bars just because of marijuana?

Hey quick: Call Michelle! They put a Dunkin’ Donuts within 500 feet of a high school.

Interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago resigned. What took so long? Yeah.

Yeah, how many more people are going to resign because of City Manager Teresa Wilson’s actions? She’s the one who needs to be fired before all the good people resign.

When will Columbia City Council learn the lesson on law enforcement? We’ve already tried three deputies from the Sheriff’s Department. We hired two for police chief, and look what’s happened. We should hire a police chief and to clean up the department and abandon all efforts with the Sheriff’s Department.

Isn’t it time to get rid of the Columbia city manager? She doesn’t know how to make decisions.

Looking at the Rant & Rave and all the ignorant racists sharing their opinions. And you guys wonder why people think South Carolina is even more of a backwards state than Mississippi. You’re a bunch of jackasses.

Let me tell you something, Columbia: I don’t f#!k around. But when I do, I don’t f#!k around.

This is a rant to the realtors of Columbia, particularly the apartment realtors. You’d have a lot less empty apartments if you’d rent to ex-felons. We need to live somewhere, too.

What has happened to our little town of Irmo? Potholes all in the roads everywhere, and litter and trash everywhere. What a shame.

With all the things going on in Columbia, isn’t it time to fire everybody and start over?

God sits on high watching everything. What man don’t see, he sees. What man don’t know, he knows, I make my mistakes openly. You cannot hide from God.

Yes, I’d like to say this about the minimum wage going up. It’s a good idea, but everything is going up. My rent is going up. It went up about $20. A gallon of milk costs me almost $6. It is hard to eat. We are still suffering. See, I’m working part time. That’s what they’re going to do; they’re going to cut your hours. It’s not helping the poor people. It’s making it worse for the poor people. Think about that.

This is a rant about the seat belt law, about how we have to wear a seat belt when motorcyclists don’t have to wear a seat belt. Considering the property taxes and all the expenses I pay for my vehicle, what gives the government the right to tell me what I can do in my vehicle?

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