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Paying Homage to an Act of Treason

Plus: Some of Today's Hit Music

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I would like to sincerely thank my ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife for moving his lazy drunk ass from my couch back to hers. At least she has a lot more experience dealing with bums than I do. Now she can come home and find he’s been drinking and not working, and they can just live happily ever after like they did for many, many years before.

I want to talk about the fact that the channels changed — the rock stations, 93.5 and all that. Don’t make me listen to the classic rock station, 102.3 or whatever it is. Don’t tell me it’s all classic rock and some of today’s hit music. It’s awful. All right. Thank you. Bye.

This is a rant to Columbia’s radio geniuses, who have clearly decided that no one under the age of 50 listens to local radio. Both “new” formats are beyond boring and bland. Nothing heavy, alternative or remotely interesting. Wake up program directors and give us back the good stuff!

They closed a radio station (Rock 93.5) with 9,000-plus Facebook followers to merge into a station with 900 (Fox 102.3). Dumb move.

I’m glad to see the James Harley that covers theater and sports for Free Times is a whole lot smarter than the James Harley who tried to write an intelligent letter in Sound Off (“I Don’t Care for Tillman, But Liberals Are Still Idiots,” March 19). If anything, you just showed that you’re a bigger idiot than the people you’re calling idiots. You think paying homage to an act of treason — which the South did in starting the Civil War — is something that should be glamorized? No, sir. You and Ben Tillman have a lot in common, and you both should go away.

I think Free Times does a lot of good for our community, but I am disappointed that you publish advertising for the tobacco industry. Not good.

Rant to cowardly local media afraid to jeopardize Ringling ad money and not reporting on large demonstrations against animal cruelty at the Colonial Life Arena. Go re-read the Code of Ethics of Professional Journalism.

Stop leaving out the horoscope and News of the Weird. Leave out one of your writers’ articles. They’re horrible anyway. Seriously, guys.

Columbia has a new police chief. Does he know what he’s getting into?

This is to the dumbass who called about Benjamin Franklin not being a president (Rant & Rave, March 19). If he’d have paid attention in school, and learned something, nobody would have had to tell him the other day that Benjamin Franklin was never a president.

This is for the waitress asking for a 15 or 20 percent tip. God doesn’t ask for but 10 percent. Just who the f#!k do you think you are?

I dressed up my 2-year-old grandson as Cocky. He looked more like Angry Bird. Yeah.

Why do you have all of these strip club advertisers but you don’t have any more personal ads? And then, how come they got this great girls’ basketball team but they can’t have anything on ESPN for them? How come we have this No. 1, No. 2 baseball game, but they hardly have them on TV? And this is the South: How come there’s no radio stations around here that have NASCAR on the radio? And to hell with the baseball stadium; let’s get a Costco around here.

I hope South Carolina doesn’t still have that dumb law about beating your wife on State House property. I hope they changed all those laws.

What’s on my mind is______________. You all traumatize people’s kids. Doctor ______________ acts like she’s got it going on. Bitch, you ain’t s#!t. You need to stop traumatizing people’s kids. Somebody needs to put you out of business. People’s kids are not dogs or animals that you can put in a straightjacket. Go find a real job. You messed up my daughter’s mouth and somebody had to go back behind you and do a better job. You’re a sorry business.

I have a huge rant: Do not leave your computer at ______________. We’ll mess your computer up. We’ll overcharge you and don’t care. We’ll rip you off.

Hey, this is what’s on my mind. I am so glad that the critical curmudgeon, commonly known as Jeffrey Day, is hitting the trail (Arts, “End of an Era,” March 19). Good riddance. You’ve never had a smile on your face at any piece of artwork you’ve seen in Columbia. Maybe California will put a smile on your face — who knows. He wouldn’t know art if it looked him straight in the face.

Just curious: Did Lillian Koller actually produce the doctor’s note, or did her dog eat it?

My mouth has been watering while I’ve been reading “Winging It: Free Times Submits to the Supremacy of the Chicken Wing” (Cover story, March 26). But you forgot a great place for lemon-pepper wings. China Hut II on Millwood and Gervais has some of the best lemon-pepper wings, shrimp-fried rice and sweet iced tea you’ve ever tasted for $5.50. Have Tug go out there, give them a try and report on it. As always. Free Times rocks.

What’s up with the Five Points Post Office? I walk in there and it’s a frickin’ pigsty. Our tax dollars at work.

Columbia City Council is so dysfunctional. Can we trade with Lexington? Yeah.

With everybody talking about Teresa Wilson, the City Council and the Police Department, if you can’t deal with the city why don’t you just move the hell away from South Carolina? Stop ranting and raving about it. You don’t have to be here. Move somewhere else where you’re happy.

Fire the mayor, County Council, police chief. They’re unqualified for the job. Let City Manager Teresa Wilson run it all. She already is, as unqualified as she is.

Eva Moore has it wrong. Cameron Runyan is not the swing vote on baseball. The swing vote is Tameika Isaac Devine. Cameron Runyan is a lieutenant for the mayor.

Everybody loves the homeless and the mentally ill until they put a shelter on their street.

A rant to all these girls; specifically sorority girls who think “like,” “literally,” “seriously” and “honestly” are English staple fillers. You like seriously sound like you honestly need a f#!king dictionary to look up what those words actually mean.

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