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My Appointment Had Been Canceled Months Ago

Plus: It Took Them a Whole Hour

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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I wish y’all would turn the music down. Not everybody likes that kind of music. If I blasted some Liberace or Lawrence Welk, you wouldn’t like that, would you?

Being that I’m from New York, I can’t understand how there are so many South Carolinians without cars and there is horrible public transportation. Somebody needs to do something about that.

I’m calling about the VA hospital. On Friday I had to be there at 7 o’clock to have blood work done, and then [they told me] I had to come back at 12. At 12, I was informed my appointment had been canceled months ago. It’s f#!ked up.

I think that as responsible citizens of the state of South Carolina it is our duty to see that both Henry McMaster and his dog get neutered. Hell, we don’t do need any more non-responsible Republicans running loose.

My car got hit at the library on Assembly Street, which is about five minutes from the police department. It took them a whole hour to come and when they got there, their excuse was they’d been changing shifts. And you wonder why the police department has issues. In five minutes you can walk to the police department. It took them a whole hour to come.

I just want to know why the girls who work at ______________ walk around like they’re in the Miss America pageant with their noses in the air. I just watched the Miss America pageant and I didn’t see none of them on there. I don’t know why they think they’re somebody just because they work at _______________. That ain’t nothing.

I don’t think readers realize that the staff of Free Times were directly responsible for the ouster of that horror show Director Koller at DSS. Nikki Haley — read my lips: No second term. Thank you.

A rave to today’s article on Lillian Koller’s resignation and what they’re planning on doing about the situation at DSS, and also the election issue last week was right on the spot. Ain’t it funny how Lillian Koller and Lillian McBride both have the same names? It will be interesting to see where [Koller] ends up because we all know where Lillian McBride ended back up. Too bad Lillian Koller doesn’t have her Darrell Jackson. Peace.

Here’s a rant to the sketchy people that went on a homophobic tirade in a neighborhood Facebook group after one of their puppies was stolen. The only time you two idiots should use the word “flaming” is when y’all describe the place down below that y’all are destined to go to. Sincerely, the person who tried to be polite.

Nikki Haley needs to sit her flat, skinny butt down somewhere. She don’t care about South Carolina. She’s so scandalous nobody likes her anymore.

To those hating on Gov. Haley, you must be Democrats. Get out of S.C., go elsewhere and you will realize how good you have it here. One of the few states that is flourishing.  Why do you think people are relocating here?

I voted, but did not have the choice to vote on all candidates or all questions. I had to declare as either a Democrat or a Republican and was presented with half of a ballot. Being an independent meant that I would not be allowed to vote at all, so I had to pick a side. I felt like I was not truly allowed to cast my vote, and now I’m on a mailing and phone list with no privacy on how I voted. This is further proof of how absolutely polluted the voting process is in S.C., and how hard some are working to screw it up some more.

To the two black guys in the ________________ waiting room yelling into their cell phones, there is a reason they have a BIG ASS SIGN in the waiting room that says “Turn cell phones off while in waiting room.” Are you stupid or don’t care? I’m guessing you are stupid and don’t care just like most of the blacks in South Carolina. Whites may play in the street but they do not walk in the middle of the street when a car is coming and expect the car to move out of the way. And why do you litter? Do you hate S.C. so much that you want to trash it? Then move.

Hello? Hello?

I’m calling about DSS. I haven’t heard nothing in the paper concerning the way they treat the parents. It’s very disrespectful. Even the mothers that are trying to do the right thing and get their children back. They treat them disrespectful, they randomly drug test them back to back, which is not necessary. They don’t keep visitations up with the mothers that are trying to do right and comply with them. They have paperwork that you don’t even know about, and they have hearings they don’t inform you about. What are they going to do about the caseworkers that disrespect the parents that are trying to get their children back?

To the person that agrees with the person that doesn’t like Diet Cherry 7-Up: How do you know what horse piss tastes like?

Those who think Diet Cherry 7-Up is the worst drink ever have never tried Fresca, and clearly aren’t old enough to remember [shudder] Tab.

When have you tasted horse piss? On second thought, I really don’t want to know.

As we rapidly become John Lennon’s “Imagine”-nation, where there is “nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too,” perhaps we should consider whether there will be anything to live for or believe in.

Today I want to address the problem of littering in Columbia. It’s certainly gotten out of hand. I notice especially in the Vista, trash along some very prominent restaurants. It’s just embarrassing. This has been another public message from the whiner guy.

I’d vote for the high guy.

This is a rant to the idiot who says blacks and immigrants should be the majority. In order to be a majority you have to be one group. Blacks and immigrants are several groups. Actually the whites as a single group are the majority. Just check the U.S. Census.

This is a rave to Sen. Lindsey Graham. Hey, you go, boy. You beat six idiots. I told everybody nobody could beat somebody in Strom Thurmond’s seat. You’re just about like him. You’re a strong Republican in the mold of Ronald Reagan. We don’t need a Stampy or a Hutto in Washington. We’ll keep the Graham.

To the City of Columbia — I’m calling about the COMET system. Why can’t you clean up the transit center? Somebody needs to bleach it down at night or something. It’s just so gross to be standing around in. Can somebody just do some cleaning up? Have a good day.

Hey liberals. I’ve got an idea. Obama-ped. Let’s give all the poor people free mopeds so they can get to those jobs they so heartily seek. 

Whoever painted over Blue Sky’s giant kitty cat mural at Washington and Assembly is a total jerk. Just sayin’.

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