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Memorial Day For All Soldiers

Plus: Everybody in South Carolina is Not Stupid

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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What’s up with the Lexington County Public Library being closed on Confederate Memorial Day? I thought we were past all this stuff. We already have a Memorial Day for all soldiers.

I was riding down Columbia’s bumpy-ass roads — can I say bumpy-ass? — and I think we need to name the new baseball team the Columbia Potholes. Go ‘holes.

Just because you’re standing in line at a popular sandwich shop and a song you like comes over the shop’s radio, it doesn’t give anyone the right to begin caterwauling the song at the top of your lungs while you’re in line. If you think you’re that good, go out for American Idol. Otherwise, shut up and realize you’re not in the shower.

I was a liberal Democrat until very recently. But now I feel closer to the so-called dissident right (Google it). It seems I got out just in time, as the Dems in North Carolina have nominated Clay Aiken (yes, that Clay Aiken!) for the U.S. House of Representatives. Clay Aiken?! I thought the used car salesmen the GOP typically nominates were bad, but this ... seriously, any party that would allow that to happen has clearly lost its mind.

To the crotch-rocket punk who called me an old fogey (Rant & Rave, May 7): First of all, how do you know my age? Second of all, why don’t you go home and tell your mama that an old fogey whipped your freakin’ ass?

To the 19-year-old dumbass who wants food stamps (Rant & Rave, May 7): I am a Mexican who works full time and pays for her own damn food. Why don’t you get your racist ass a real job and stop depending on others to pay for your damn food? If you weren’t so ignorant, you would probably be able to find a full-time job.

This is the person who’s not a theologian. You know something? I have taken a deep look inside myself and actually it is about Jesus and it is about the Old Testament and, of course, hell yeah I like barbecue (Rant & Rave, May 7). If Jesus was around today, he’d be eating some, too. Obviously you’re not a theologian, either.

To the f#!king idiots all up in the Free Times talking about Jesus ain’t s#!t and the people that wrote the Bible had an agenda (Rant & Rave, May 7): Let me tell you something, when I hear you say s#!t like that, I think you’re the devil and I’ve got every right to beat the f#!king s#!t out of you.

Thank God for the nice weather in South Carolina.

The state of South Carolina has grown, the population. Isn’t it great to see South Carolina growing?

I’m calling to rave at William L. Salter for the comments he made in “Anti-Sheheen Attack Ad Strikes at Core of American Justice System” (Sound Off, May 7). That’s right. I’m glad that somebody else realizes the man was only doing his job and that fact that he got people off meant he was good at what he does. He was defending his clients to the fullest. Everybody in South Carolina is not stupid, so Nikki Haley and her team need to go sit down with that.

This is a [rant] to NAACP president Lonnie Randolph. What’s up with Dr. William Barber in North Carolina standing up for his people and trying to do away with voter ID and expand Medicaid and affordable health care? What about the NAACP president in Georgia? Look at what they’re doing. You’ve done nothing. You’re not a leader; you’re a follower. It’s time to dump Lonnie Randolph and get somebody who cares about the people.

This is a rant to Sistercare. You are a great agency and provide a much-needed service, taking care of abused women. And I know that once they get there, you probably help them get off alcohol and things like that. But where the hell is Brothercare, the agency that helps men who’ve been abused and taken advantage of and had their money stolen by women?

This is a rant to all the agencies that assist with the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. They have it set up now like a lottery system. You must call after 9 a.m. and be one of the first 20 callers and then you’ll be a winner. You know, a lot of people are working and trying to pay their bills, so therefore the advantage goes to the crackheads and the unemployed who aren’t doing anything. The whole system needs to be changed.

It’s a waste of time and a waste of money for Condoleezza Rice to come here because Lindsey Graham is going to lose anyway. Peace!

OK, I just want to say this is a rant in favor of Kevin Fisher. He wrote a column telling Vincent Sheheen to be a little bit harder, a little bit stronger, in his campaign against Nikki Haley, and he wrote another column last week telling [Judge] Casey Manning to follow the proper laws and everything. I just think both columns were well done, well thought out. I’ve been critical of Kevin Fisher, but he’s done well in my opinion these last two weeks.

What’s up with these school buses stopping every two blocks to pick up kids in the morning? These people driving their kids to the bus stop, if you’ve got a car, go on and drive your kids to school. What happened to walking a mile through the snow barefooted and both ways to the school bus? And when they stop, you shouldn’t be waiting inside your house. You should be at the school bus stop.

Hey, this is the high guy with another random thought of the day: The oh-s#!t handlebar found in cars lost all of its appeal when it was moved about face level and two feet away. Why did that catch on? This has been the high guy with another random thought of the day.

Another waste of taxpayers’ money: I just read the rant where someone got a new voter registration card because their precinct changed and it was signed by none other than Lillian McBride. I got one in the mail also, as did my husband, and we are still voting in the same place. Just another waste of Richland County taxpayers’ money. That’s all. Peace.

Clemson’s colors are orange and purple. I’ve never seen a purple tiger. Yeah.

Thank goodness my neighbor moved out. Good riddance.

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