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Legislative Session Begins Tuesday with Dueling Protests at State House

By Porter Barron Jr.
Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Political activists on the left and right are gearing up for the second session of the 120th General Assembly of South Carolina, which reconvenes Tuesday. Look out for dueling demonstrations of political will on the State House grounds that day, as activists try to impress their electoral might, such as it may be, upon returning lawmakers.

The Obamacare Nullfication rally, organized by the John Birch Society, will carry on from 10 a.m. until noon, at which point participants are scheduled to birddog lawmakers around the lobby, urging passage of H.3101 and foretelling of socialist doom. Organizers plan to bus tea party types down from Spartanburg.

The Enough Is Enough rally, scheduled for noon on the south side of the State House, is organized by the Truthful Tuesday Coalition, which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” series of progressive protests, from which this rally’s planners apparently drew inspiration, but their policy wish list is similar. It includes the expansion of Medicaid, the protection of voting rights and a fully funded education budget, as state law demands but rarely receives. Expect protesters to don black in symbolic mourning of the 1,300 South Carolinians they say will die this year as a result of Gov. Nikki Haley’s refusal to expand Medicaid in defiance of Obamacare. The Truthful Tuesday Coalition consists of the National Association of Social Workers (SC), South Carolina AFL-CIO, the South Carolina Christian Action Council, South Carolina NAACP, the South Carolina Progressive Network and the South Carolina Education Association.

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