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Former SCGOP Director Defends His Twitter Antics

By Paul Bowers
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Note: Due to an editing error, this story originally called Kincannon the former chair of the SCGOP. He is the former director of the SCGOP. Free Times regrets the error.

After years of relentless trolling, Todd Kincannon’s Twitter life has caught up with his real life.

According to a lawsuit Kincannon filed in a federal court July 14, the South Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel has been investigating complaints made against him for his use of social media. Kincannon is currently suing the state agency for allegedly depriving him of his First Amendment rights.

You might recognize Kincannon’s name if you read the outraged “You won’t believe what this Republican leader said today” articles that have become daily fodder for certain left-leaning news outlets. Huffington Post even has a story tag devoted to Kincannon’s name.

A sample Kincannon tweet: “This goatf!#king terrorist lover just followed me—> @babanbauchi. Sorry, goatraper. F!#k Mohammed (piss be upon him).”

Or this, from a years-long series of horrible things Kincannon has said about Trayvon Martin: “I’m pretty sure Trayvon’s dreams getting cut short was a good thing. One less feral animal posing as human.”

Kincannon — who has 67,000 Twitter followers — briefly served as SCGOP party director in 2010 [online copy corrected]. He was also the state party’s legal counsel from 2004 to 2010.

To Kincannon, much of what he does is comedy — “purely satire, some self-parody,” he said. He mentioned George Carlin twice in a recent interview, as if, like Carlin, he were pushing the limits of discourse and barbecuing our sacred cows.

“We’ve gotten to the point where racism is now defined as saying something bad about a black person,” Kincannon says. “People with good-faith political disagreements should not be accused of harboring some bias against the person who’s opposed to them just based on who that person is. I’m sick to death of that, and I think part of my Twitter account is to show how insane some of that can get. So I’ll tweet something that’s a little edgy that’s racial but not racist, and everybody will accuse me of being racist for hours and hours and hours.”

Kincannon practices law at his own firm in Columbia, specializing in consumer law and debt defense, and he says he spends about an hour a day on Twitter, firing off tweets while waiting at stoplights or sitting in on conference calls.

What about that time when he said transgender people should be “put in a camp”? He says it was an example of misunderstood sarcasm, written in response to someone who claimed he wanted to kill all transgender people. “This is a good example of how left-wing media with an agenda tries to mischaracterize people,” Kincannon says.

And that time he called Nancy Pelosi a c#!t? Would he say that to her face? “Oh hell yes. In a heartbeat. She’s a horrible person.”

Or what about the time when, two days after the Isla Vista shootings, Kincannon tweeted, “No idea how my son will die, but I know it won’t be cowering like a bitch at UC Santa Barbara”? Still no regrets. Kincannon says the comment was meant as a response to Richard Martinez, the father of one of the shooting victims, who made headlines by blaming the shooting on the NRA and the failure of politicians to pass new gun control laws.

Kincannon says he’s received a few death threats over the years, including a few that he reported to law enforcement, but to date, no one has cold-cocked him in a bar or called him out in the street for a fight.

To him, the unending Twitter skirmishes aren’t personal; they’re war. “I’m a propagandist. I make no bones about it,” Kincannon says. “Until everybody out there that votes and thinks starts actually doing the George Carlin thing, which is critically thinking for themselves, then this is the only method by which political warfare is going to be carried out.” 

This is a condensed version of a much longer story available at free-times.com.

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