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Does fish oil have mercury in it, too, or do I need to go fish?

Plus: Uber Impressions

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Took an Uber cab ride in Columbia the other day and they charged me $6. Took a regular cab on the way back and they charged me $5.50. What’s wrong with this picture?

I just read “Uber Comes to Columbia, But Is It Legal?” (Growth & Development, July 16) Right on spot. Rock on, Free Times. 

Used Uber today. The app handles all money transfer. Fare quote shows how much you will be charged before trip. It has real-time tracking and an ETA for pickup. I was so impressed! If cab companies here would implement a similar system, it could work just as well. Why don’t they?

Does fish oil have mercury in it, too, or do I need to go fish?

I turn on the sports news and there is Stephen Garcia, unshaven with long hair, at the SEC media days working for the Sports South network as a football analyst. Did someone not get the memo? Garcia is like the cousin you want to avoid and can’t ever get away from. Didn’t he do enough damage to our program for people to finally sit up and think? Unbelievable!

Hey, this is an employee at the VA. The new secretary, Mr. Gibson, came to the Dorn VA. Our department was able to send one person to represent us. When our person got there, the “town hall meeting” was by invitation only. So how are you going to get change if the person in power only hears what the establishment wants him to hear?

What the hell? You guys haven’t delivered to the VA in two weeks.

This is for the intern who took his socks and shoes off and gave them to the homeless man from Christ Central: Thank you.

I want to give a huge rave to the guy at Yesterdays who watched me walk to my car on Monday July 14 around 10 o’clock. I really appreciate that there’s such a gentleman still left in Columbia.

I’d like to thank Nikki Haley for standing up for my right to be one serious illness or injury away from financial ruin.

Rave to the Free Times for printing my original “this music sucks” list and for the kindly rebuttal questioning both my sanity and patriotism (Rant & Rave, July 9 and July 16). Best I can tell, I’m not an idiot, but I am in fact a loyal U.S. citizen. As further proof of my sanity, I would like to add that the Steve Miller Band’s music sucks, as well. By the way, using two British groups — Ozzy and Pink Floyd — as a test of my patriotism pretty much proves you are not qualified to pass judgment.

If we sent all the illegals back, who would make all the tacos and the burritos?

Multiculturalism is the foundation of American culture, dumbass (Rant & Rave, July 16). I wouldn’t expect you to know that, though, since they keep secrets like that locked away in books.

It’s bad enough that the Columbia Police Department doesn’t want to write tickets for those that are running red lights and stop signs.  However, it’s really bad when you see a CPD officer on a three-wheel electric tricycle going down Main Street running a red light at Main and Hampton. Upon comment about his offense, the officer just smiled. Now that is an officer who should be sitting a desk instead of on Main Street showing just how much of an idiot he is.

You know, all I get from right-wingers is a lot of whining, bitching and no action. Just obfuscation. Then they actually consider goofs like Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann for president. I want to see each party put forth its best candidates, but seriously.

Have you all forgotten the Trail of Tears? Have you forgotten all the people lost? All the Cherokee native men and women and children lost? And then you want to stand up and be proud. We are proud. You haven’t killed me yet. I fought for your flag, too.

To the colonists: The rent is due. Free the slaves. We will take our land back.

Yes, the City of Columbia is responsible for keeping Columbiana Boulevard in Irmo clean. The road is full of litter. The curbs have weeds and grass growing over them, as well as pine straw over a foot deep in places. As residents, we’re tired of looking at this mess every day.

My friend and I went to Finlay Park to see the band. My friend is 74 and can only walk short distances and with a walker. We went to our usual spot at the handicapped area behind the stage. The band had taken orange cones and blocked off at least six parking spots. A man told us these spaces were reserved for the band. Why can’t they drop off their equipment at the stage and find a parking place like everyone else? There should be better parking accommodations for the handicapped.

Does the rant line know when they’re going to tear down the Gonzales apartments? They were supposed to tear them down eight years ago. Are they going to be building new, affordable low-income housing there? Because they work just as hard as everybody else does.

Yeah, I just wanted to say that your write-up on Decadence at the Art Bar was total bulls#!t (Sound Bites, July 9). You blew it.

To the person who couldn’t believe that T-Rav was running for the Senate. Yes, you can be a U.S. senator if you have a federal criminal record. That’s not a state law, that’s federal law. If they excluded all the criminals, nobody would be up there.

Construction of the new Broad River Bridge north of Columbia has now taken longer than the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Ravenel Bridge over Charleston. A tip of the hat for how you’ve been able to pull off waste, fraud, abuse, massive cost overruns and delays with no investigation.


This is to our president, Barack Hussein Obama: If you don’t know what to do in the Middle East, call Benjamin Netanyahu. I bet he knows what to do.

Yeah, all those empty buildings downtown and on North Main; couldn’t they make a parking garage? Especially near the Social Security building and the Township. There’s a lot of empty apartment buildings on North Main. Couldn’t they build some parking spaces and find a place for the Greyhound station?

I don’t know why my wife is mad at me. She told me to buy clippers. I bought the Los Angeles Clippers.

When parents go to these department stores like Wal-Mart and just let their children run free and run through it like a bunch of wild animals — don’t you know that’s how children go missing? And when parents just let their children whine, that’s annoying, too. Why don’t you just leave them at home with a sitter?

If we went back to wood-burning stoves and kerosene lamps, I bet SCE&G would come down on their rates.

If you’re going to legalize marijuana, why don’t you go ahead and legalize prostitution, too? What the hell has happened to America?

Impeach Obama and his whole cabinet. I guess it would be reverse war crimes, because they won’t fight. Israel is a small country; they fight. America, under this administration, they don’t fight. Let’s get the real Americans out there and fight. Stand up, America. Don’t sue. Impeach. He’s a loser. Impeach him.

What’s on my mind is the fact that I saw dead children on the front page of The New York Times. You know, I don’t need to see that. And if we can’t do something about it as a result, then [unintelligible].

Yeah, this is a rant to the Free Times editorial staff. You print all these rants about Sheriff Metts and the charges against him, but you don’t print anything about all the people who [allegedly] paid him the bribes and are still out there doing the same thing. The Mexicans are still out in the restaurants. Most of that money goes out of the country, back to Mexico or Guatemala or wherever all these people are from.

Lexington County rant — In an homage to Reagan’s words to Gorbachev: Citizens of Lexington, tear down that James R. Metts Law Enforcement Complex. Or at least take that alleged scoundrel’s name off the buildings.

My employer decided not to pay us time-and-a-half to work on the Fourth of July, but no one told me until afterwards. How’s that for freedom? I want my long weekend back.

This rant is for the idiots I have seen recently driving golf carts on our local roads, often with their young children. C’mon, people. It is only a matter of time until a vehicle or drunk driver hits your golf cart and someone gets killed. Don’t let your decision to drive an E-Z-GO down Devine Street ruin the rest of your life.

This is a rave to my fine-ass waitress with the new tummy tattoo. You are 5-foot-1 of sweet, sexy hotness, and given the chance I would have you for dessert!

This is a rant about the Rant & Rave section. Please say something intelligent and stop saying stupid s#!t.

Rant & Rave is the best thing going, because most people say things in the Rant & Rave that other people don’t have the guts to say. I just love it. I think it’s great. I read it every week. And I’m 75 years old.

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