Rant & Rave

Columbia, You’re Breaking My Heart

Plus: You Need to Be Jewish

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear Columbia: Please stop doing heroin. You’re breaking my heart.

Sorry, Columbia, for unleashing a lot of funk on y’all.

Hey, I think an investigation needs to be done on the [Department of Employment and Workforce]. They say the unemployment rate in South Carolina has gone down. I’m not sure if that’s true. I think they have kicked enough people off of the rolls to lower the unemployment rate falsely. They have the system set up now where it’s almost impossible to talk to a live person. I think you’ll see an increase in crime while the employment workforce people continue to put their foot on the necks of the unemployed people.

Gov. Haley: Please look into Richland County Parks and Recreation. It needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

Paying student athletes? Is a free education not enough? Many college athletes don’t even finish college yet thousands of dollars each year are spent on their education. What about the kids who go to school to actually get a degree and who don’t get any financial help or work their asses off to keep scholarships? And now [the athletes] want to get paid on top of their free college education? You must be kidding.

Just wanted to rave about Le Café Jazz at Finlay Park. Great music and wonderful service. One of Columbia’s best-kept secrets.

I’m tired of the Bull Street project. Why don’t they call it the BS project?

Yeah, why does the City of Columbia need a mayor? You don’t need one; the City Council and Teresa Wilson run the city anyway.

Thanks, I guess, for putting aside your teaching certificate and not kicking our children in their f#!king faces (Rant & Rave, April 23). But can’t you think of something more positive to do than feed hamburger and glass to dogs?

The state of South Carolina needs a whole new Tea Party.

Hey, Amazon: I think you treat your employees wrong. And the supervisors? I don’t think you’re human. I think you’ve been injected with some kind of Zombinol. The entire hierarchy seems to say that profits matter more than employees. If the employee can’t keep up, get rid of them.

Just why in the hell do all these people who hold office — who have safe jobs, who are probably ripping off every average citizen — why do they make so much money when our police officers who put their life in danger every day to make sure we are safe, why do they get paid so lowly? I would like somebody to explain to me why in the hell that is.

This is a rant to the person who referred to me as a theologian for my rant that said Jesus kind of put aside the Old Testament (Rant & Rave, April 23). You know, sort of, he did. He said: Love your neighbor like you love yourself and love your God with all your heart and all your mind. Of course, if you have any sense, that would mean that you would keep the Ten Commandments. So, therefore he sort of pushed them to the side but really he just combined them into two. So, thank you very much, idiot.

Yeah, this is to the guy complaining about the theologian. Jesus said, “I bring you a New Covenant” — that’s a new agreement — “that whoever sees me or believes in me” … you know, that’s the way it goes. Jesus brought a new agreement. If you want to believe in the Old Testament, you need to be Jewish.

How come we can’t get rid of Nikki Haley? She’s as useless as tits on a bull hog. Why don’t we just get rid of all these politicians and put the homeless in charge?

It used to be that people were afraid to carry guns and get caught with guns. Now guns are everywhere. Does Nikki Haley not care about children?

To the person who said the homeless are out there crossing the street at night wearing dark clothes (Rant & Rave, April 23): If you were not out there speeding and running red lights, there would not be a problem. You say you don’t see us, but we damn well see you.

This is a rant to the editorial staff at Free Times and also to a lot of the rant and ravers. You know, I’m about tired of you putting down Maurice Bessinger and the Bessinger family. You don’t say a word about other businesses and what their owners do. Why do you concentrate on the Bessingers? I think you’d find a lot of skeletons in other people’s closets.

To the person pondering if they had “waited on Joe Wilson or Nikki Haley or Lindsey Graham for insurance,” they’d “be dead by now” (Rant & Rave, April 23): That’s our problem in a nutshell. You shouldn’t be waiting on any government official — regardless of party — to give you health insurance or any of your other perceived rights. You are responsible for your own well-being. Stop waiting on the government to do it for you. We shouldn’t have to be your mom, dad or babysitter. Grow up!

All whites, answer this question for me: Who has been a greater ally to the white man besides the black man? Thank you.

Bravo to those who ranted about the lack of coverage of the growing local comedy scene in Columbia. There is more to Columbia than s#!tty politicians and s#!tty indie bands.

Can anything be done about the dangerous and obnoxiously loud crotch rockets that go flying through Irmo? Yesterday we were walking across the Lake Murray Dam and two came flying by going approximately 120 mph. Pedestrians could have been killed. I have never seen the police pull a crotch rocket over. Perhaps they can’t catch them.

Just calling to see if anybody at the State House — the First House of the New Confederacy — is going to put up L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling or that rancher Cliven Bundy for honorary citizen. Come on, guys, get on it. They deserve it.

Does Cameron Runyan wear emerald green contact lenses?

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