Rant & Rave

Because He Was Denied Tacos

Plus: All the Spectacular Racists

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twice I have been waiting for the bus and someone has approached me and said something to the effect of, ”Boy, I sure hate Obamacare. No way I’m going to sign up for that.” And, “Man, I’m so discouraged, I don’t think I’m going to vote anymore.” Has this happened to anyone else?

Why doesn’t Nikki Haley love us? Why is she taking deliberate action to keep us away from doctors when we are sick?

Hey, this is the high guy with another random thought of the day: Why do tow trucks get to use flashing lights?

Note to self: Do not loan money to Columbia’s homeless. They’re hard to find to get your money back.

Hey people, this is just a word of friendly advice: If you break down on the side of the road and you have to leave your vehicle, don’t leave your emergency flashers on all day and all night. Because if you do, you’re not only going to have the original problem you had, but your battery is going to be dead. So just leave it on the side of the road and leave your flashers off.

This is a rant to South Carolina Electric & Gas: I just got my bill, and it’s $80 more than it was the same month last year. You call them up, and they always tell you, ‘Maybe there’s something wrong with your heater. Maybe there’s something wrong with your house.’ There’s nothing wrong with my heater. There’s nothing wrong with my house. There’s something wrong with SCE&G. Why do [their prices] just keep going up? Why are they such a monopoly? Why can’t we have another power company here?

Talk about First World problems: We’re worried when you have to wait to get on the George Washington Bridge?

To the idiot that said it’s OK for Gov. Haley to have a gun (Rant & Rave, Jan. 8). Hey, what makes her better, because she’s the governor? If she’s gonna walk around with a gun and say it’s OK for her to protect herself, then I think every citizen in the United States should have the same opportunity to have a gun to protect themselves.

So, how can the Tedeschi Trucks Band (some of the best touring rock & roll musicians) come through our great city and only fill half of the Township (capacity of 3,100)? Do better, Columbia.

Somebody should investigate the unemployment department, because there are people who got laid off over two months ago who still can’t get their unemployment. You can’t get hold of a person on the phone until they call you. It’s the same runaround. It’s not their fault that they got laid off.

This is a rave to all the spectacular racists and history-butchering revisionists in ol’ South Cackalack that just love that statue of Mr. Ben Pitchfork Tillman. What a great thing for the first state of the Confederacy to have that lynchin’ lovin’ ol’ crazy-ass rebel out there in front of the State House! Sure he was for killin’ and terrorizin’ and keepin’ a large segment of your population livin’ like slavery was still legal or worse, but what a great statesman and patriot! Who are these commies and pinkos who want to remove that? Keep that rebel flag flying and let the NCAA games go to Charlotte, Greensboro and Atlanta. Heck with all those Yankee dollars, anyway.

To the guy who understands centuries of institutionalized racism because he was denied tacos (Rant & Rave, Jan. 15): If you were an alcoholic, maybe you wouldn’t go to a bar?

A rant for the fool whining about not getting served at the bar selling cheap tacos. Did it ever cross your brain that maybe those crazy cheap tacos were meant to attract customers so that they will buy drinks? Could it be that’s why it occurs on what is normally a slow day for bars? It’s not a public service for hipsters. If you’re not going to drink and the bar is slammed, tip the bartender four or five bucks at the outset or be prepared to be ignored. And that goes for any busy bar, by the way. 

I’d like to give a rave out to the people that were standing behind my husband at Bi-Lo. Thank you so much for helping him out with the bill. You restored my faith in humanity.

Why does the City Council have meetings? To eat hors d’oeuvres.

Poverty in the richest nation on the planet is amoral, criminal and deliberate.

Uh, will it record this or how does this work? This is my first time.

I really had to pee.

This is a rant to all the a#!holes who ride motorcycles back and forth 3,000 times on 321 in Swansea on Sundays. We’re get it: You’re big boys and your big-boy bikes go “vroom, vroom.”

Yeah, this to Columbia City Council. This weekend I went to the Village at Sandhill. I ate, I shopped, I went to a movie. I spent a lot of money. But there’s one thing I didn’t spent any money on, and that’s a parking meter. Because there ain’t none.

Hey, this is the high guy with another random thought of the day: Which came first, calling a donkey an ass or calling your ass an ass?

The Columbia City Council is trying to get rid of Taboo Adult Superstore, who they gave a business license to. Why don’t the citizens get rid of Columbia City Council?

You text, you drive, you die.

This is a rant to all the bums who stand by the side of the highway with the signs that say, ”Will Work for Food.” Well, hell, isn’t that what everybody does? We all work for food. So what makes them any different from the rest of us?

Can anyone tell me what the speed limit is on 277 into Columbia? I know: It’s 55 to 60 mph. Surprised? Most people do 75 to 80 mph. Wrong!

I really love bacon and sausage. You should print that.

I asked my doctor for some medicinal marijuana for my glaucoma. He told me to move to Colorado. Yeah.

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