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A Popular Place for Chickens

Plus: Let Them Move in With You

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why are there always chicken feathers on the roadside on the ramp from I-20 West to I-26 West? Is this a popular place for chickens to cross the road?

Girls! To the two girls in the SUV on Huger Street that flashed me at 2:30 on Saturday morning: Thank you.

I’m calling to express my thanks for Black History Month. I appreciate my forefathers — what they did and the sacrifices they made, and the dangers they had to go through to help get to where we are today. God bless ‘em. And it’s still a White History Year.

Hard to believe you do a big article about bow ties and don’t mention Gentleman’s Closet in Five Points, the largest purveyor of bow ties to young adults in Columbia (Cover story, Feb. 5, “What’s the Big Deal with Bow Ties?”).

I have a rant and a rave. The rave is to the bow tie article in this week’s issue (Cover story, Feb. 5, “What’s the Big Deal with Bow Ties?”). My dad used to wear a bow tie, and I loved it, loved it. I think they’re downright sexy, and they take a lot less time to put on than a regular tie. I hope bow ties stay around a long time. And my rant? Free Times used to have a great personals column. It was two or two-and-a-half pages, it was great entertainment to read, something to chuckle about. How about bringing them back? I met my husband through a personals ad in Free Times, and we are coming up on 20 years.

I didn’t know Wilbert T. Fields, who worked with Free Times (From the Editor, “Remembering Wilbert,” Feb. 5). Reading Dan Cook’s memorial tribute, I know Mr. Fields now and am sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting him.

Hey, someone please buy that damn yellow T-bird in the classified ads. It’s been there forever and I’m tired of seeing it. 

Rant to the Einstein that is so worried about the homeless and has disdain for the rich (Rant & Rave, Feb. 5). Adopt a few and let them move in with you. Believe it or not, some of them are where they are by choice. You got money to buy cigarettes, but need to panhandle? And don’t fault the “rich” just because they worked for what they have. Yes, I’ve worked three jobs at one time to make ends meet. 

This is not a rant and not a rave; it’s a question. If the baseball stadium off of Assembly Street fails to attract patrons for whatever the reason, why is the mayor hell-bent on building another baseball stadium at the old mental health center?

Why is Columbia spending money on making the town better when I can’t even drive down roads because cars are parked in the street? They should really be making driveways or forcing people to use the driveways they have instead of parking on the f#!king street.

Rant of sorts: The reconstruction of the bridge over the Broad River is taking almost as much time as the Yankees needed for the entire Confederacy. I’m beginning to think the lane construction team is actually homeless [people] living under the bridge and all of the equipment is just a cover.

Dear Inbred South Carolina Politician Ranter (Rant & Rave, Feb. 5): Are you really saying that if we let gay people get married we would cure poor education, drug use, murders, abuse of women, etc., but not inbred South Carolina politicians? And if you really think the hottest topic of discussion in these parts is the Confederate flag on the State House grounds, you have accomplished [the] feat of placing your head far up your digestive tract. Rather than debate the official Redneck ID symbol planted on the home turf for inbred South Carolina politicians, let’s talk about something like the time it is taking to complete the new bridge over the Broad River.  

Yeah, I got a rant about all these people talking about the flag and the monuments and this and that. Well, I’m a member of the Blue Man Group. I’m just saying, it ain’t a color thing. We all have history. We all have history, and it’s pretty much all well combined. Just don’t look at someone as someone with color. God doesn’t. He loves us all. Why can’t we just all love each other? And, go out and get a job.

The Christmas tree ... what did I find on the top of the tree? A Confederate soldier. Whatever happened to the angel? I think we need to move the tree a little bit.

The Super Bowl got so boring, I started watching the Puppy Bowl. Yeah.

Rant, rant, rant: All the small-mindedness in South Cackalacky. There was a time when Marcus Lattimore got hurt and all the people in Seattle, where I grew up, were reaching back and saying, “What’s wrong with Marcus Lattimore? Is he doing better?” How small-minded can South Carolina be, to not reciprocate and say, ”Great game, Seahawks.”

To the people in charge of fixing the roads in the Town of Lexington: While the work is appreciated, you did not complete the job. But have no fear, when my wife’s car needs repairs such as tires and other maintenance do to the unsatisfactory work, I will be sending you a bill for said repairs. Thanks. A concerned citizen.

Yes, I watched the opening of the Sochi games on Friday night, and yes I was absolutely impressed. The floor lighting was something I never would have imagined somebody could do. Yes, the one snowflake didn’t open and turn into the last ring — but big deal, we’re all human. Plus the commercials were a hell of a lot better than the Super Bowl’s.

I believe Columbia has as much chance at hosting the Winter Olympics as having a successful minor league baseball park.

This is a rant to the guy who is six-foot-five, 300 pounds and very few things scare him, but getting his electric bill from SCE&G does (Rant & Rave, Feb. 5): Does it scare you when it’s 20 degrees out and you flip the switch and the light don’t come on and the heat don’t heat up? How about that, big boy?

I asked my doctor about medical marijuana because I was in so much pain, and he looked at me like I wanted to rob his house. I guess some minds just can’t be changed.

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