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38 Days for a 10-Year Sentence

Plus: Hey Mayor Joe

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

To the person ranting about Amazon putting profits before employees (Rant & Rave, April 30):  It doesn’t take much research to conclude that businesses and corporations put profits before life.

I want to complain to the crotchety old man complaining about crotch rockets (Rant & Rave, April 30): Crotch rockets represent freedom, and America is about freedom. So get off the crotch rockets, crotchety old man. Why do you hate ‘merica?

Well, here we go with all these ads about governor. My thought is if Sheheen actually negotiated 38 days for a 10-year sentence, then by all means we should send his ass to Washington. Just saying.

This is a rave to everybody who helped save and rescue J.R. Kimbler and his two kids, Dakota and Jade, from the Congaree National Park after three days. Thank God and God bless you all.

I saw Don Rickles on the David Letterman show. I thought he was dead.

Yeah, this is a rant to all those idiot telephone book companies. They still got [unintelligible] in the book. He’s been dead for like five years. Every number I call in one of these books is inaccurate. There should be some kind of liability so we can sue these idiots.

Thanks to Free Times for having a heart. To all the workers, thanks also.

I’m confused about something. If I’m going to walk around with my pants hanging down to where you can see my underwear, why wear the pants? Thank you.
I’m sorry that I honked at you when you cut me off. I didn’t see the Hammond sticker and realize that you owned the road.

Hello, this is from someone who is curious to Rant & Rave. I am curious and I am a deep thinker. I feel as though Barack Obama was not the first black president, but Abraham Lincoln was. Look at President Abraham Lincoln’s facial features and his hair. That’s why he freed the slaves — before people could find out that he was black. I feel that mammy was mammy during the day and mommy at night. What do you think?

The Chapin mayor is trying to get a lot of power. He must have taken lessons from the Columbia City Council. Yeah.

Please tell those dingleberries over there at WVOC that it’s pronounced Ukraine, not The Ukraine. There’s no article in it. Get on it. And don’t use “I’m from the South” as an excuse. It’s not an excuse. Don’t make the rest of us look stupid just because we live in your state.

Yes, I’d like to speak out for all the nursing assistants who are certified and are not being paid what they should be paid. It should at least be $10 an hour, not $7 an hour — when you’ve got a family and you went to school to get this certificate. It’s not fair. Let’s get everything redirected with the wages for people.

Just this second, I watched a Richland County Sheriff’s deputy without his blue lights on just drive by two stranded teenage girls on Interstate 26. They just looked at him incredulously as he drove by.  Good job.

Hey, Miss Nikki Haley? I hope and I kind of wish that when you turn 80, you will not be eligible for your Medicare or your benefits. And I want you to vote for the governor who won’t give it to you.

Did anyone else notice that the owner of the Clippers, his name is Sterling, and the name of the NBA commissioner who fined him is Silver? Get it? Sterling silver. You can’t make that kind of stuff up.

I was just reading the Rant & Rave and I got a kick of out this one (Rant & Rave, April 30): “Yeah, why does the City of Columbia need a mayor? You don’t need one; the City Council and Teresa Wilson run the city anyway.” I’ll go one better: How about Teresa Wilson running for governor and Lillian McBride running for lieutenant governor? I think they would both win hands down.

To the idiots who claim Jesus said something, quote-unquote — you people are idiots. Jesus didn’t write the Bible. A bunch of people wrote the Bible — human beings who had an agenda. Dummies.

Hey, dumb nuts (Rant & Rave, April 30): I am Jewish. By the way, so was Jesus. You’ve got to take the old with the new.

To the person who is not a theologian (Rant & Rave, April 30): I think if you look deep inside yourself, you will realize this is not about Jesus or the Old Testament. It’s because you like to eat barbecue.

Hey, this is a rant to the homeless person, obviously dressed in black, who responded to my rant about the homeless people dressed in black crossing the street in the pitch black dark of night. They complained that people are speeding up and down the road running red lights. No doubt they are. And that’s why you shouldn’t cross the street in a pitch-black outfit.

I am a 19-year-old college student who lives on her own and has over $1,000 worth of monthly bills and cannot afford groceries on my own. I applied for food stamps and got denied. When I asked why, I was told [it was] because I was working under 20 hours a week. Why the f#!k do you think I need food stamps? I guess I’m going to have to turn into a Mexican or get knocked up a couple of times to get assistance from my own country.

Hey, Mayor Joe Owens: We West Columbians are with you. Kick ass.

Do you have a fax number? Hello?

Hey, this is the high guy back at you with another random thought of the day. I feel like the terms dozen and half-dozen should be removed from common everyday use. It seems so much easier to say twelve or six. This has been the high guy with another random thought of the day.

Yes, I just received my voter registration notification card for Richland County, and the reason I received it is because my polling place has changed. When I turned it over and looked at it, I almost threw up, because the election official’s name on it is Lillian McBride. Oh my god. I feel a lot better now.

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