Rant & Rave

There Are Still Good People Left in Columbia

Plus: Bitching About the Homeless

By Free Times Readers
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is a rave to the Free Times for printing the crossword on the left side of the spread [last] week so I can read the clues. And while I’m at it, a rant to the fictional Free Times writer in my dream last week that got his write-up about the Magnetic Flowers LP release all wrong.

I love being a Republican. Been one all my life. You know what I like most about being a Republican? We can spend like drunken sailors and blame it on someone else. Don’t get no better.

Thanks to Kim, who paid for my lunch in front of me at Zaxby’s drive-thru. It’s nice to know that there are still good people left in Columbia despite all the negative things we hear. 

Why can’t police officers use deadly force under the Stand Your Ground law just like a private citizen? Police officers feel threatened almost every day, but they have to use restraint. They get killed because of that requirement.

Yeah, here’s to thugs that wear suits and ties and police uniforms.

This is a rant against both police departments. Leon Lott offering his ex-employee Santiago his help against gangs is a joke. These thugs have lived among us since the ’90s. And Lott has been unable to control it with all his millions of dollars in his budget. We haven’t even heard about a sizable drug or money-laundering operation being busted. If it were not for the feds’ involvement, we would not even have seizure or confiscations or big shots in jail. Lott and Santiago are both incompetent. Something needs to be done. It’s hard to believe that an outsider like Pastides, president of USC, comes up with better ideas on how to handle the situation in Five Points in 24 hours.

Yeah, my friend started drinking coconut milk. And I told her it was coconut water, but she disagreed. So I went and got a coconut, but I can’t find the damn nipple.

My rant is against the people that say the police shouldn’t enforce underage drinking [laws]. They should enforce underage drinking with the same vigor that they enforce any other law. The law is the law. That favors the business owners in Five Points, but it’s still against the law to drink under the age of 21. That’s my rant. Bye.

Uh, isn’t it time to close Five Points?

Homeowners that live in the Broad River Road area have never attended the homeowners’ meetings, so now the pimps, the thieves, the murderers, the gangsters have taken over, and the homeless shelters and Section 8 [housing] have taken over the entire Broad River area. It is not safe to live in this area.

Kim Kardashian — there, I said it — just turned 33 years old. Has she ever had a job?

When are you gonna put staples back in the Free Times? It’s so aggravating to pick up one of these papers when the wind is blowing. I’m sure you could hire some of these homeless people to staple these issues.

Anyone bitching about the homeless in Richland Library needs to mind their own damn business (Rant & Rave, Oct. 23)! You fools sound just like a bunch of Tea Party whiners. You can’t even get your own lives in order, yet you want to push the blame off on others or belittle others who are also down on their luck. Shut the f#!k up already.

To the student I almost ran over on campus about five minutes ago: I’m really sorry about that. How I ended up in the wrong lane I will never understand. I hope you don’t hold it against me. Thanks for looking both ways while you were crossing the street. You never know who’s coming down the wrong lane.

Hey! Let’s be aware of our surroundings. That goes for everyone, whether walking, driving or biking. People we know get into fender benders, almost get hit, or do get hit and end up in the hospital. If we all just take that extra moment to look ahead of us, in our rear view mirror, or over our shoulder there may be [fewer] accidents. Let’s keep our own stress level down by diminishing these occurrences.

If you are on a bicycle, you are supposed to be riding on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic, as far right as practicable. When you ride against traffic, you are behaving in a way that people do not expect a bicycle to behave and you are opening yourself up to a ton of accidental collisions — people turning into the street, etc. They don’t look that direction for oncoming traffic. Please, I don’t want to see you dead on the street. Ride with traffic.

I enjoyed the article last week about James Brown. I feel good!

How many chiropractors does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one, but it’ll take five visits. Get it?

To the guy who offered $20 for information leading to the recovery of his wife (Rant & rave, Oct. 23). I have his wife, and I’ll give him $20 to take her back.

Hey, um, I just want to know why Steve-FM plays nothing but music and doesn’t take requests. That’s ridiculous. Okay, why don’t you take the money you make from all the ads you have and the fact that you don’t have DJs and work toward legalizing marijuana in this state?

A rave to the wonderful rants and raves last week. I was having a bad week and after reading the Rant & Rave in Wednesday’s issue I was laughing all day. Good work ranters, good work ravers, keep up the good work. I love this column. I read it before I read anything else.

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