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SOCO Celebrates One Year with Free Co-Working Day

Vista Co-Working Site Partners with Iron Yard for Code Academy

By Xavier Edwards
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SOCO describes itself as Columbia’s first co-working community. That is, it’s a place where designers, freelancers, remote workers, digital entrepreneurs, hackers and general creative types convene, collaborate and encourage one another to find success. For those who don’t work traditional jobs, it’s a place to have an office, meet people and form teams to take on new projects.

Last week, SOCO, which is located in the Vista, celebrated its one-year anniversary having hosted over 40 community events and accumulating more than 20 regular members, according to a company news release.

“Our vision for SOCO was to create a sort of center of gravity for the creative community to work, convene and connect in unique ways,” says Gene Crawford, SOCO cofounder and a producer for the three-day CovergeSE conference, in the press statement.

In order to build upon its continued growth, the company is launching Columbia’s first Code Academy in collaboration with Greenville’s Iron Yard, an organization focused on turning people into professional, junior-level programmers within an intense three-month period. The first sessions begin in January and will mainly focus on web design. Applications are available here.

“When smart, talented, passionate people come together in an inspiring environment ... powerful things happen,” says Greg Hilton, another SOCO cofounder and former director of the Tminus6 startup accelerator. “That’s the mentality we’re trying to build here.”

If you play well with others, SOCO is holding a free co-working day on Aug. 29 at 9 a.m. and is located at 823 Gervais Street, Suite 220.

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