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Chapin Election Date in Dispute

Plus, Irmo Approves Security Cameras for New Park

By Al Dozier
Friday, August 22, 2014

The date for the election in the town of Chapin to determine if a change should be made in the form of government is in dispute.

Chapin Mayor Skip Wilson recently announced that the election will be held at the same time as other issues go before voters on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.
But council members had already met with officials with the Lexington County election commission and agreed on a Sept. 30 election date. The Nov. 4 election date was considered inappropriate because so many other items would be on the ballot.

Election officials have agreed to hear Wilson’s concerns.

He maintains that the Nov. 4 election date would give voters more time to consider the issue and would also provide larger voter participation.

A petition drive launched by citizens opposed to Wilson’s governing style prompted the ballot proposal, which could change the government from a mayor-council form of government to a council form if approved. The council would have more authority in the conduct of business if voters decide to make the change. 
Councilwoman Kay Hollis said Wilson was once again acting on his own when he decided on the Nov. 4 election date.
Irmo Approves Security Cameras for New Park

The Irmo Town Council Tuesday approved an $89,000 contract that will provide more than 50 security cameras to monitor activity at the new Community Park of Irmo. 

The contract with Statewide Security Systems passed by a 3-1 vote, with Mayor Hardy King voting in opposition. King said the Irmo Police Department has not asked for cameras and there is no indication they are needed.
Councilman Barry Walker Sr. was the chief sponsor of the measure.

“We need to know what’s going on…who’s going in the park after hours,” he said.

Police have not reported any criminal activity in the area since the park opened a few months ago.
Carey Shealy of Statewide Security Systems said the cameras would be bundled in packages of four and mounted at strategic locations throughout the park. He said traffic going in and out of the park would be monitored and the major pathways, entrances and exits would be under surveillance.

The new system does not provide for live monitoring.

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