Rebecca Keisler and Christian Trimmier at Carolina Pour House

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Name: Rebecca Keisler and Christian Trimmier
Setting: Carolina Pour House (800 Harden St.)

Everyone is telling me that you all were loyal customers of the old Pour House. What is different?

R: Well, they have lost the monkey, which isn’t a bad thing. One of my favorite new things is the shot wheel.

What is a shot wheel?

R: It’s kind of like the Wheel of Fortune, except with shots. You spin it, and whatever shot it lands on is the shot you get. It’s a fun way to take shots and try new things.

That does sound pretty cool; I’ve never seen that before at a bar. I see they have added some beer pong tables, too.

C: The outside has changed a bit, but it is still the Pour House I love.

What was the original appeal that brought you all to Pour House in the first place?

C: Cheap drinks, cold beer, hot girls and good times.

Enough said. What are your other favorite places to go now that Columbia is back to life with the college students?

R: I like to go to Pinch sometimes. I also like Moosehead Saloon because I like country music. Sometimes, I also like to go dancing, and I’ll go to the Vista because I like EDM, but Pour House has DJs, too.

C: Tin Roof is one of my all-time favorite bars. I love that they have live music.

What advice do you have for freshmen moving to Columbia for the first time?

C: If you can do it again, do it the same — quoting Corey Smith.

R: Live life with no regrets. And enjoy every minute because it flies by.

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