Ragin Freeman at St. Pat’s in Five Points

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Photo by Christian Barker

Name: Ragin Freeman
Setting: St. Pat’s in Five Points

I was impressed with the lineup this year. Which band did you like the most?

Ever since I heard Minus the Bear was playing, I was counting down the days.

St. Pat’s in Five Points has its ups and downs. With all the drinking going on, how do you feel about parents bringing their kids to this event?

I work with kids, so this question definitely resonates with me. I honestly don’t think it’s kid-safe except for at 10 a.m., when the event is designated for kids.

This is one of the largest events in town. Do you you have any other favorite Columbia events?

I love going to the Greek Festival. I went four times this year. Indie Grits is amazing, as well.

Where do you like to party in Five Points for St. Pat’s? Do you have any other favorite bars in Columbia?

This year, I stayed away from the bars because the weather was so nice! But typically I prefer going to Group Therapy, Bar None and occasionally Red Hots, Speakeasy and Goatfeathers.

What is your most memorable St. Pat’s story?

When my friend drank liquor as it was being poured out by a cop that had just confiscated it from a flask.

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