Muscle Memory, Yes! Always!

By Michael Spawn
Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Muscle Memory
Yes! Always!

Yes! Always! is the debut EP from Muscle Memory, the convergence of local songwriter David Adedokun and a bevy of talented players. Adedokun is most often seen performing with nothing but his acoustic guitar, which makes the depth and personality revealed on this alternatingly chipper and moody collection all the more interesting.

What: Muscle Memory
Where: Urban Outfitters, 912 Gervais St.
When: 6 p.m., Thursday, March 27
With: Octopus Jones, Daniel Y El Leon
Price: free
More Info: 254-5381

These five tracks are propelled largely by guitars, synthesizers and Adedokun’s vocals, which are delivered without aggression or strain. Most of the time, he sings like Prince without the feline-screech falsetto, and a similar compliment is due the instrumentation on “Ball and Chain” and “Tautology (Dance Floor Logic).” The former sounds like a duet with Apollonia straight out of the Purple One’s mid-‘80’s heyday, with keyboards that ring like electronic cherries over a subtle groove; the latter is pure dance-pop that breaks down into a freeform, baby-making-on-Neptune jazz outro.

“Severance Pay” and “Some Wonders” flirt with modern indie-rock, albeit with plenty of vintage synthesizer, while “Holes” — a soft, finger-picked lament lacquered in reverberating vocals and piano — might just be the best song here; it’s also the emotional cornerstone of what is overall an ambitious and satisfying pop experiment from one of Columbia’s most ubiquitous songwriters.

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