Mitch Tompkins at ASL Dance Party at The Southern Belly

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Photo by Christian Barker

I saw you breaking it down out there on the dance floor. What brought you out tonight?

M: My friends and I all got invited on Facebook, and I always have a good time when you guys DJ.

Is this your first time to The Southern Belly?

M: Actually, yes, I’ve never been here before.

First impression?

M:  Ha, that this is a pretty chill bar. I really like the vibe here.

Are you a fan of barbecue and other slow cooked, tender meats?

M: Nope, I don’t eat meat.

What are your usual activities for the weekend. Where do you like to go? Who do you hang out with?

M: By day, homework and grading, by night, usually going to house parties with friends, but when I hear about events like this I always make a point to go.

What are you studying?

M: I’m a grad student in electrical engineering, so I both take and TA classes. I also am working on a bunch of little projects.

What do you want to do with your major? What is your dream job?

M: Really, I’d like to work for a startup in New York or in Silicon Valley. I’m interested in working on cutting-edge ideas that change the way we think about the flow of information throughout the world.

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