Michael Wescott at The Whig in Downtown

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
the whig columbia sc michael wescott
Photo by Christian Barker

Name: Michael Wescott
Setting: The Whig (1200 Main St.)

This has always been one of my favorite bars in Columbia. What is your favorite night to come to The Whig?

Monday nights, for sure, because of dollar pizza night. I come here about three days a week, though, depending on my finances. Sometimes I will come on a Tuesday for tacos, but it’s more crowded, or any other night when I’m just wanting some company.

What do you think is the main appeal of The Whig?

I like that it doesn’t try to be too clean. I don’t like it when a bar tries to act like it’s this grungy or hip place, but it ends up being too clean. It’s dark, underground, and they have taxidermy hanging on the walls. It really is the coolest bar in Columbia. It feels like it’s lived in. Yeah, that’s it. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up to come down here or worry about waiters trying to shuffle you out of the way to clean.

What other places would you compare to The Whig?

Goatfeathers was probably the closest thing to The Whig. It was a s#!t-hole but at least it was our s#!t-hole. I loved Goatfeathers, too. That was me and my girlfriend’s favorite date-night spot. Now I think we just default to the Hunter-Gatherer. I think that is my default now, too. If I am trying to impress a friend from out of town I bring them there.

What kind of people do you think like to come out to The Whig?

I have heard The Whig labeled a hipster bar, but I don’t really know what that means because I don’t really know what a hipster is. It isn’t really a college bar. I know a lot of artists and musicians come here. I have met a few college professors here, too. I guess I am some where between being a hipster and an old fart, and I always feel welcome.

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