Mel Washington at Yesterdays

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Mel Washington at Yesterdays in Five Points.Photo by Christian Barker

Name: Mel Washington
Setting: Yesterday’s (2030 Devine St.)

How have you been?

Very busy.

What are you working on?

I’ve been writing songs, recording songs, recording videos, gettin’ tattoos, playing shows. All sorts of things.

What name are you recording under?

All kinds of names. Right now, I am recording my solo work under my own moniker, Mel Washington.

Are you playing with any other bands?

Not really. I am recording a lot of other bands though. I have recently taken on a role as A&R at a record label, so its been a lot of fun discovering new talent and developing our own talent that we already have.

What is bringing you to Yesterday’s tonight?

Well, I just got into town like two hours ago, and I wanted a good Southern meal.

You’re going to miss St. Pat’s in Five Points?

Yeah, I’m probably skippin’ out on that this year. I don’t know. Maybe.

So when you are back in town what is your favorite bar to hang out at?

Speakeasy is my favorite — really good folks who work there, decently priced drinks, and a safe environment.

A lot has changed. I remember the days when we would get wild at Bey’s. They were the dark days.

(laughs) Yes, they were the dark days. We don’t speak of them anymore. We are still seeing our psychologists about those days.

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