Jack Daloni at Cover 3 in Five Points

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Name: Jack Daloni
Setting: Cover 3 (711 Harden St.)

How familiar are you with Cover 3?

I guess people would consider me a regular. I am always here on Monday nights, and I usually come here to pre-game or just chill out with friends throughout the week. This place looks totally different from what it used to be a little more than a year ago.

What was it like?

It was called Bey’s, and it was pretty grungy but a good time. They had bands and DJs most nights, and I remember it would get pretty wild on Thursdays. I haven’t ever seen bands here. They play really good music, though. Everyone is bound to hear at least one song they can sing along to with their friends.

If you were entering a room, what song would be playing in the background?

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; I could sing that for days. Or a song by Journey. But if I’m just at the bar, then — and I will regret saying this — “Talk Dirty To Me.“ It’s just so catchy.

I am guessing you aren’t from Columbia.

No. I am from West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. I came to study fashion and retail marketing at USC and for the weather.

Would you consider yourself a fashionisto?

No. I can’t afford nice designer clothes right now. I shop mainly at Goodwill, but I can always recognize if a girl is wearing a Chanel dress. I really like the fantasy costumes designed by Eduardo Castro in the show Once Upon a Time. They are just amazing.

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