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Daddy Lion, Perpetual Calendar: Part I

By Michael Spawn
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |
Daddy Lion
Perpetual Calendar: Part I

Though it spans just three songs, Perpetual Calendar: Part I — the new EP from local rock group Daddy Lion — doesn’t want for personality. Singer Jeremy Joseph plays the Jekyll-and-Hyde angle to the hilt; his dominant singing voice is a sober, almost Morrissey-esque croon, but he’s more than willing to drop the reins and turn out a throaty, unrestrained bark at each song’s emotional climax.

The surrounding music is built on left-of-center pop progressions that are largely interchangeable. The jangly guitar sounds would benefit from more studio muscle; the unhurried, often lackadaisical instrumentation belies the cutthroat urgency that elevates Joseph’s unhinged moments.

But for Daddy Lion, these flaws aren’t so frustrating as the lack of progression. At its core, Perpetual Calendar is a continuation of the loquacious indie-pop of 2012’s full-length Habitat, and while the new EP has a sense of focus and cohesion that its predecessor lacked, the occasional funk and soul garnishes that made Habitat so charmingly idiosyncratic are sorely missed this time around. Distinct and consistent, but lagging behind this promising outfit’s considerable potential, Perpetual Calendar does little to move Daddy Lion forward.

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