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Charlie Parrish at Social

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 |
Photo by Christian Barker
Name: Charlie Parrish
Setting: Social (918 Gervais St.)

You seem to be the main man behind the scenes at Social. How did you get involved?

C: I’m really just the operations manager for the day-to-day stuff. My awesome staff and the owners are the heart of this place. The owners and I have been good friends for a long time.

Social has grown quite a bit since you all first opened. What would you say is the reason for your success?

C: Success in any bar depends on good service and creating a unique atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves, something I think we have done well.

Everyone I talk to says that Social is the place to go out and dance. What kind of music do you all try to push?

C: We are primarily an electronic dance music club, but we have been known to have live music from time to time.

You all are booking bigger and bigger names. How did you go about getting DJs like Borgeous and Deniz Koyu?

C: Booking bigger names has been the result of building a reputation for ourselves. Constantly emailing and reaching out to various talent agencies pays off in the end.

Who has been your favorite performer?

C: I think my favorite performance so far would’ve been Borgeous. New Year’s was a blast.

Who would you say is your main clientele?

C: We have mostly young professionals and older college students. But all kinds of people can be found here any given night.

What do you see in the future for Social?

C: We just want to keep doing our thing, providing a place like no other in Columbia.

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