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Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck at The Southern Belly

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 |
southern belly
Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck at The Southern Belly on Rosewood Drive. Photo by Christian Barker
Names: Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck
Setting: The Southern Belly, 1332 Rosewood Dr.

So this is my first time here since this place changed its name from The Rolling Stone to The Southern Belly. What’s new?

Matt: They have seriously delicious barbecue.

John: They also have open mic jam sessions every Tuesday night.

So it’s scheduling more weekly events now?

Matt: Every Monday night they have open mic, singer-songwriter music. John and I host the Tuesday night Space Jam and we invite some of our musician friends, and anyone else is also welcome to join in.

So are you in any bands?

John: My band is called Dr. Willis.

Matt: I play in a band called By the Bull.

And what is the best food to order here?

John: Django. It’s unchained.

Matt: I’m all about The Wookie.

I had the Django tonight. It was seriously delicious.

Austin: Which shot should I take? The barbecue sauce or the whiskey?

Matt: I think you have just created a new type of shot. The sauce is so good you can shoot it.

John: Oh, you should call it the Train Shot. Every time the train comes by you take it.

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