Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck at The Southern Belly

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
southern belly
Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck at The Southern Belly on Rosewood Drive. Photo by Christian Barker

Names: Austin Edwards, John Willis, Matt Buck
Setting: The Southern Belly, 1332 Rosewood Dr.

So this is my first time here since this place changed its name from The Rolling Stone to The Southern Belly. What’s new?

Matt: They have seriously delicious barbecue.

John: They also have open mic jam sessions every Tuesday night.

So it’s scheduling more weekly events now?

Matt: Every Monday night they have open mic, singer-songwriter music. John and I host the Tuesday night Space Jam and we invite some of our musician friends, and anyone else is also welcome to join in.

So are you in any bands?

John: My band is called Dr. Willis.

Matt: I play in a band called By the Bull.

And what is the best food to order here?

John: Django. It’s unchained.

Matt: I’m all about The Wookie.

I had the Django tonight. It was seriously delicious.

Austin: Which shot should I take? The barbecue sauce or the whiskey?

Matt: I think you have just created a new type of shot. The sauce is so good you can shoot it.

John: Oh, you should call it the Train Shot. Every time the train comes by you take it.

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