Bakari Lebby at Sid and Nancy Hollaween

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Name: Bakari Lebby
Setting: Sid and Nancy Hollaween at New Brookland Tavern (122 State St.)

Bakari, you’re the first person I’ve interviewed twice. What has changed for you over the year?

I have a diploma now. That’s about it.

What’s going on tonight?

Sid and Nancy’s second annual Hollaween Costume Explosion.

Can you explain your costume?

I am Cinderella.

What inspired your costume?

I told everyone I would be a Disney Princess, but I wouldn’t reveal which one. For some reason everyone thought it would be Ariel, but then I threw ‘em for the big one and Yung Cindy came through.

Why did you choose the New Brookland Tavern to host your event?

Because New Brookland Tavern has a decent size, awesome staff, and it’s where I’ve had some of the best times in Columbia.

What are your favorite bars in Columbia?

Speakeasy, Bar None, The Whig. Went to Moosehead for the first time recently and that s#!t was hilarious. It’s like a worse version of Coyote Ugly.

What is the true spirit of Halloween?

Halloween is all about turnin’ up with your crew. Being on your worst behavior.

When you aren’t raising hell, what are you doing?

Gettin’ turnt in my bedroom watching Netflix.

What fashion advice do you have for confused young freshmen going into their spring semester?

Dress as ignorant as possible. Let this city feel you. Make them know you are perfect. Shine like the beautiful little dolls that you are.

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