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Chelx Bundick at Columbia Museum of Art

By Christian Barker
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 |
Photo by Christian Barker
Name: Chelx Bundick
Setting: Columbia Museum of Art (1515 Main St.)

This was my first Toro Y Moi show, and it was amazing. Do you get as excited watching your brother play as his other fans?

Yeah, man, they’re always a blast. I still wanna be right in the mix of crowd dancing.

I really like how Chaz stays true to his hometown and his friends. He incorporates a lot of Columbia and his friends in his songs and his album artwork.

He’s always eager to play here, and even when I talk to him when he’s out of town, he wants to know what’s going on here in Columbia.

Why did your brother choose to play at the Columbia Museum of Art?

I’m not sure but he played here when he was in the The Heist and the Accomplice, so I assume that was the connection.

Where are your favorite places in Columbia to watch bands play?

I wish there were more places, but I truly like house shows the best. They’re raw and you really get into it. In such tight confinements, the music really hits you, and hard.

Who are your favorite local bands?

It’s hard to think of them all on the spot. The Camp Counselors, Say Brother, Dear Blanca, and my DJ buddy Alejandro makes really awesome mixes.

Do you share the same interest as your brother in making music?

He’s always given me a hand in learning new types of sound. He’s a big inspiration to me, which surprises some people. We have played music together since the day we learned how.

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