Kanye West Announces Tour Stop in Columbia

Massively Popular and Massively Divisive, the Rapper Will Play Colonial Life Arena on Dec. 9
By Kyle Petersen | Wednesday, October 19, 8:37 am
Love him or hate him, nobody has loomed larger in popular music over the last decade than Kanye West.

Album of the Week: Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition

Brown’s Wacky, Dire Interiority Tests the Possibilities of Hip-Hop
By Kyle Petersen | Monday, October 17, 10:26 am
From the outside looking in, hip-hop can often seem like aggressively public music, meant to be blared at block parties and out car stereos with impunity.
Music Feature

With Trombone Shorty, Famously Hot New Year Grabs Broad Appeal

New Orleans Artist to Headline Dec. 31 Main Street Celebration
By Jordan Lawrence | Monday, October 24, 2016
Finding musicians with a wide enough appeal to truly serve a large swath of those interested in an event like Famously Hot New Year, Columbia’s free annual Main Street celebration and concert, is no easy trick.
Music Feature

Rising Rapper Lecrae on How His Faith-Forward Themes Affect His Reach

Outside In
By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Lecrae’s 2014 album Anomaly might well be the fiercest hip-hop commentary on America’s current racial and political divisions that nobody talks about like that.
Music Feature

Veteran Saxophonist Wess Anderson and Mark Rapp Team Up for Lou Donaldson Tribute

Thursday at 701 CCA
By Kyle Petersen | Wednesday, October 19, 2016
For a certain breed of jazz aficionado, Wynton Marsalis’ revivalist-minded jazz program at New York’s Lincoln Center is the height of the genre, a formalized entry into the upper echelons of the arts in keeping with the music’s outsized importance in American culture.
Sound Bites

Concerts in Columbia: Oct. 20-26

Afrobeat Dance Party; Art Bar Oktoberfest; Let’s Rock Camp Showcase
By Free Times | Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Presented by the Palladium Society to benefit Historic Columbia, this event features barbecue and a silent auction with the Mustache Brothers as the featured entertainment.
Music Reviews

Soda City Riot’s We’re Not PC! F#!k You!

By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, October 19, 12:01 am
There’s more to We’re Not PC! F#!k You! — the first full-length from from the old-school punk champions in Columbia’s Soda City Riot — than there initially seems.
Music Reviews

Dave Britt’s Burning in the Afterglow

By Vincent Harris | Wednesday, October 12, 12:01 am
This is a compliment, I promise: Dave Britt’s new album could’ve come out in 1985 and fit in perfectly.
Music Reviews

Islander’s Power Under Control

By Bryan C. Reed | Wednesday, October 12, 12:01 am
Power Under Control, the second full-length from the South Carolina-bred Islander, arrived in August after a tumultuous period for the band.
Where It's At

Columbia SC Club Calendar: Oct. 19-26

By Free Times | Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Find live music, karaoke, DJ's and more.

Cover Story

15 Regional Music Festivals That Have the Goods — for Somebody, Anyway

From Jazz to Metal to Electronic, We Offer Our Picks
By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Art of Cool takes the notion of a jazz festival very loosely.
Cover Story

Best of South Carolina Music

By Free Times | Wednesday, December 9, 2015
In addition to recognizing some of South Carolina’s best musicians, this survey also serves to showcase the exciting variety of sounds happening here.
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