Openings in Columbia SC: The Hundred-Foot Journey, Snowpiercer, TMNT

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Snowpiercer (R)


The Hundred-Foot Journey Helen Mirren’s French restaurateur is thrown when an Indian restaurant opens nearby. (PG) (AMC Dutch Square, Regal Sandhill)

Into the Storm Remember Twister? Well, this one has more of ‘em. All in one town. In one day. Praise be to special effects.  (PG-13) (AMC Dutch Square, Regal Columbiana, Regal Sandhill)

Snowpiercer In an apocalyptic future, our angered hero upsets the caste-like order on an ark-like train. (R) (Nickelodeon)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The turtles look like Shrek. Megan Fox plays April. Michael Bay produces. Sounds great? (PG-13) (AMC Dutch Square, Regal Columbiana, Regal Sandhill)


America Director behind 2016: Obama’s America envisions the world without his infallible nation. (PG-13)

And So It Goes An aging realtor and lifelong jerk softens when he’s forced to look after his precocious granddaughter. (PG-13)

Begin Again An executive dumped by his record label and a woman dumped by a rock star unite to record an album. (R)

Blended Adam Sandler takes a sure-to-be-intelligent-and-racially sensitive trip to Africa. Psych! (PG-13)

Chef Jon Favreau quits his job as a chef to open a food truck — pretty much the most 2014 premise possible. (PG-13)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Now free, an army of hyper-intelligent, genetically modified apes defends itself. (PG-13)

Deliver Us From Evil Demonic possession spreads zombie-style through New York City. Cue the over-the-top scares. (R)

Earth to Echo Straying slightly from E.T.’s formula, a group of kids help an alien robot reunite with his people. (PG-13)

Edge of Tomorrow It’s Groundhog Day with guns and Tom Cruise in this intentionally repetitious sci-fi thriller. (PG-13)

The Fault in Our Stars Heartbreaking young adult tale of young cancer patients who fall in love hits the big screen. (PG-13)

Get on Up South Carolina’s own James Brown has his story hit the big screen in this anticipated biopic. (PG-13)

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel’s latest cinematic adventure features a ragtag team of intergalactic heroes. (PG-13)

Hercules The Rock plays Hercules. So you know, probably only worth it if you see it in 3-D. (PG-13)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Dragon-riding boy meets estranged dragon-expert mom, keeps riding dragons. (PG)

Jersey Boys Clint Eastwood directs as the musical story of Frankie Valli’s Four Seasons hits the big screen. Wait, what? (R)

Kick Bollywood action flick and a remake of a 2009 movie of the same name. Count on ample explosions. (NR)

Lucy Forced to play drug mule for an experimental substance, ScarJo gains total use of her brain — and superpowers. (R)

Maleficent Angelina Jolie portrays the titular witch from Sleeping Beauty in a Wicked-esque “true story” adaptation. (PG)

Mom’s Night Out Moms leave dads with the kids for a night out. Dads lose baby. Gender roles reinforced. (PG)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Based on the beloved cartoon, this computer-animated adventure will do its best not to stomp on your childhood memories. (PG)

Planes: Fire & Rescue More anthropomorphic aerial vehicles — but this time they’re fighiting forest fires (PG)

The Purge: Anarchy More chaos ensues as audiences revisit a world where all crime is legal for one day every year. (R)

Sex Tape A happily married couple accidentally sends their dirty home movie to their friends and family. (R)

Step Up All In More attractive young people dancing ridiculously to the hippest EDM. Teenyboppers rejoice. (PG-13)

Think Like a Man Too More Kevin Hart yelling frantically. More girls-versus-guys antics. But this time, they’re in Vegas. (PG-13)

Transformers: Age of Extinction Mark Wahlberg steps in for Shia LaBeouf to help good robots fight bad robots. (PG-13)

X-Men: Days of Future Past Through some time-bending telepathy, two generations of mutants strive to save the future. (PG-13)

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