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McAvoy and Fassbender Face Off Once More in X-Men: Apocalypse

By James Scott | Friday, June 17, 4:17 pm
Singer gets away with a sixth entry because he understands that the story isn't about blue-skinned people using ridiculous super-powers.

Who You Gonna Call for The Conjuring 2?

By James Scott | Thursday, June 16, 4:48 pm
There's a spiritual and a romantic side to this film absent from most movies of this type.

The Nice Guys Offers Pastiche of Buddy Cop, Film Noir, 1970s Nostalgia and Looney Tunes

By James Scott | Saturday, May 28, 2:29 pm
Audiences love mayhem.

Too Many Superheroes Clutter Captain America: Civil War, But Who Cares?

The film doesn't suffer from a lack of interesting characters. It suffers from an overload of them.

It’s Murder, Having to Wait With Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart in the Green Room

Green Room is an angry film.

Key & Peele’s Rapport and Surprise Guest Star Rescue Keanu

It's not easy to parody a movie which was already itself a parody.

The Jungle Book Remake Wants to Be a Man-Cub, Too

Director Jon Favreau skillfully treads the delicate line between beloved musical cartoon of yore and modern action blockbuster.

Hardcore Henry Brings First-Person POV Violence to the Big Screen

Is first-person POV a new technique, or is it just a gimmick?

“Impossible” Becomes “I’m Possible” in Hello, My Name Is Doris

Gidget, Norma Rae, and Forrest Gump's mom lusts after a guy half her age.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Mythologizes America’s Current Divide

I don't like Snyder's vision of Superman, but it is a vision, and it's coherent.

J.J. Abrams Invites Us All Down to “10 Cloverfield Lane”

Is "10 Cloverfield Lane" the long-awaited sequel to "Cloverfield"? Can't tell.

Low-Budget “The Witch” Delivers Paranoid Puritan Chills

Half the people I know want to hear about The Witch and the other half are asking, "What, you haven't seen it yet?"

Brotherly Love Highlighted in Indie “Manson Family Vacation”

How far would you be willing to go to help your brother on his life's journey?

Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy Contend with “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”

Happily, the characters could be transplanted into a "straight" adaptation of Austen and would work just fine.

How “The X-Files” Helped Change Television

Trust no one.

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