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Annual Manual 2014

Your Comprehensive Guide to Columbia, SC
By Free Times
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
In 2012, we at Free Times asked ourselves a question: What if we took one week per year off from our regular edition and instead offered up a comprehensive guide to the city?

Well, the experiment worked. From a calendar of local festivals to tips on some hot local spots for shopping, dining and nightlife, the Annual Manual has been a big hit with readers. Even longtime Columbia residents have told us they’ve learned new things about their city from its pages.

Every issue of Free Times is designed to help you become more engaged with your city, but perhaps none does so on quite the scale as the Annual Manual. Thanks for reading. — Dan Cook

City Map & Neighborhoods
Government & Nonprofits
Jobs, Economy & Demographics
Outdoors & Recreation
Health & Fitness
Festivals & Events
Music & Nightlife
Arts & Culture
Food & Dining

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