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Under the Radar | MTNS at Hunter-Gatherer

11 p.m. | $5
By Patrick Wall
Friday, March 22, 2013 |
"I cast Magic Missile!" | MTNS plays Hunter-Gatherer Friday night.
If Seattle noise-rock crew MTNS is right, as it asserts on its recently released EP, and all songs are spells, then the tunes on All Songs Are Spells are 20-rolled invocations of Dirge of Discord. Like kissing cousins Lightning Bolt, MTNS’ propulsive whirlwinds are jagged blasts of noise and skronk, unholy and chaotic dirges that evoke the warped howls of the mad and the damned. There’s no saving throw from MTNS’ skull-splitting volume and tightly coiled chaos, but you won’t need one: There’s a subtle melodicism to MTNS’ maelstrom, a finesse that makes its whiplash turns and witchy cacophony winning. Hmm, if all songs are spells, maybe MTNS' are more Master’s Touch than Mindless Rage, after all.

Hunter-Gatherer: 11 p.m., $5. 748-0540,

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