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Under the Radar: JReg & the Whiskey Time Machine

Saturday at New Brookland Tavern
By Patrick Wall
Thursday, June 5, 2014 |

Justin Register’s long been one of this town’s finer pop-rock singer-songwriters; consider his work with the bygone Madison Fair, where his affably husky singing voice belted out romantic overtures over sweeping melodies. Register’s latest outfit, the Whiskey Time Machine, which releases the first part of its Archer Avenue-recorded Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Saturday, sticks to well-mapped territory but delves deeper into finer topographical detail. “Shoot the Moon” puts a glossy modern sheen on the blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates. “Run With Me” bounces between Springsteen-ish heartland rock, satiny modern country and, in its chorus, coruscating pop-rock. But the best tune of the bunch is the cheatin’ hearts ballad “Seldom Supposed To”; its bright, insistent acoustic guitar strums are flecked with pedal steel and Hammond organ, winsomely underscoring Register’s tired-eyed, heavy-hearted lyricism. With All-New Badges, Barnwell.

New Brookland Tavern: 8 p.m., $5 ($8 under 21); 791-4413,

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