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Sex Toy Store Sues City in Federal Court

Plus, Mark Sanford Sleeping on Office Futon Again
By Eva Moore
Monday, December 23, 2013 |

A sex toy store has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Columbia, which is forcing it to close down. Shortly after Taboo opened in December of 2011, city officials hired an out-of-state attorney to revise the city’s zoning laws, dramatically limiting where adult businesses can operate. Taboo was grandfathered in for two years, and after losing a recent appeal, its time in the former Taco Bell on Devine Street is coming to an end. The suit alleges that Columbia “has engaged in a series of shifting, arbitrary, and dilatory tactics to prevent vesting of the business license because the City objects to the plaintiff’s use of the property to sell lawful adult material even though such material is protected by the First Amendment.”

An Orangeburg man allegedly shot up the assisted living facility in which he dwells, according to the AP. He faces seven counts of attempted murder.

Rep. Mark Sanford is up to his old tricks. By which we mean sleeping on his Capitol Hill office futon.

Jonathan Pinson, the business partner of Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, will head to trial March 20, in what promises to be a juicy, complex courtroom drama, John Monk reports.

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